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Yandere empireverse nightmare x innocent male reader
Narrator's pov
Laying lifeless on the ground was a human. Their breathing was staggered and pained as their vision on the world began to blacken. The only thing they heard was fast approaching steps and incoherent mumbling.

Y/n's pov

I woke up to a pain in my side so I opened my eyes to a complete dark room with only the sounds of my breathing could be heard. As I wondered where I was the door opened and in came a skeleton covered in black tar,had tentacles?,was wearing a gold crown, and had on fancy clothes.

"Phew you are alive, and after all this time I thought you were dead." I looked at them with confusion as they walked over stopping in front of the bed. "Who are you?" I asked as they sighed before answering.

"My name is nightmare the king of nightmares." I nodded in response. "My names y/n!" I said gleefully startling them. As they regained their composure they continued looking me in the eyes.

"You should probably rest a bit more before moving around your still pretty hurt." He said as I nodded before falling back asleep.

As nightmare watched the human's chest rise and fall as he wondered. (How did this human survive this long?)

But he couldn't shake the warm feeling bubbling in his chest. And a new sense of something ran through his mind, something he hadn't sensed in millennials.


I woke up and rubbed my eyes as I once again woke up in the same room although this time it had a lamp illuminating the room a bit. There was a plate of food with a glass of water next to it. Picking up the plate of food I began to eat it as I pondered in my mind.

Putting down the plate I took a sip of the water and I got up from the bed and walked out of the room to see a nice living room. Walking around I noticed a note, so picking it up I read it.

"Hey, sorry had to go do something I'll be back."

I put the note down and went and sat down on the couch. I found a remote for the tv and so I turned it on. Fueled with boredom I watched some tv while waiting for nightmare to come back.

After a few hours heard steps approach the door before opening showing nightmare.

"Hey doll- hello human I see you've already gotten comfortable." He said as I smiled at him.

Over a few months I got to know nightmare pretty well, although he never let me leave and he never let me know why.

I sat down next nightmare on the couch digging my head into his chest. "I love you." He said to me as I muttered it back to him before falling asleep.

"Damnit looks like Stockholm syndrome got to them I was to late."

I hoped you guys enjoyed this! Also sorry for this taking a bit longer
Lukielu out!
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