You can't leave me my love~

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Yandere blueberry x male reader
Narrator's pov
You couldn't believe your eyes.Blue had murdered his own brother in cold blood and to add insult to injury he laughed like a mad man during it. You tried to run but he caught you knocking you out with a sadistic grin on his skull.

Y/n's pov
"Oh he's waking up I can't wait!" My eyes shot open feeling a cold metal around my arms and legs so I looked up seeing a crazed look on blue's face making me question things until the memories flashed through my mind making me struggle and squirm against my restraints to no avail. "Y/n stop struggling you'll only get yourself hurt." Blue said with unusually calm voice. "B-blue what the fuck are you doing?!" I yelled at him as his eye lights faltered a bit before turning into hearts making me confused. "I am protecting you from everyone because they were trying to take you from me so I had to stop them and in turn loving you." I struggled even more until I heard a scoff and my body stopped moving. Blue then removed the restraints and picked me up bringing me into his room. "A good thing was that everyone thought I was a innocent little skeleton but when they had tried to take you away from me I had to just let loose." I couldn't speak. Was it out of fear or surprise I'd never know due to blue putting me on his bed and knocked me out but the last thing I heard was. "You can't leave now y/n."

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