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Yandere Leviathantale ink x male reader
A/N-I've been inspired to make a oneshot of leviathantale by Just_Undertale_Trash  so please go check them out.

Narrator's pov

A human walked along a beach and was wearing scuba gear.

But before they could get into the water he heard a low whine from not too far away.

They walked over to where the sound came from and saw a large octopus like being that had a skeletal top body and many different colored tentacles. It was covered in a net that restricted its movement.

As they approached the being it hissed at them. The human brought out a tiny blade and cut the net that trapped it and let it free.

It looked back at the human before quickly diving into the ocean and disappearing from sight.

The human sighed before smiling as thoughts clouded their mind but he shrugged them off and sat down on the warm sand.

Y/n's pov

Sitting on the sand i wondered what that thing was but I didn't let it bother me as I came to the beach to swim and explore.

I got in and swam for a few minutes before diving deeper as my oxygen tank kept me breathing.

As I explored I saw many different animals ranging from fish to crabs and many more.

But soon I felt eyes pierce the back of my head so I turned around seeing nothing but white dots not too far away.

A few moments later a faint beeping rang through my ears letting me notice that the oxygen tank was already almost out.

'Huh, that's odd? I remember having a full tank beforehand?'

I thought as I took a closer at my tank to see a hole in the tank making me panic and rush to the surface only to be grabbed by a colored tentacle pulling me to the same being from before.

It had a smile on its face before zooming away with me towards somewhere but the beeping in my ears only got louder.

It stopped and I saw another being that also had a top skeletal body although this one had a long yellow tail that had yellowish-orange fins and at the end of the tail it had many fins.

"Dream look! I found the mortal that saved me!"

Dream looked at me with a smile as well before he spoke himself.

"Nice, now what are you going to do with them?"

"I'm gonna keep them!"

He said as the beeping in my ears got louder before he swam again before he stopped once more bringing me to a cave with many bright colors.

He placed me down and took off the oxygen tank making me panic again only to realize that somehow I'm breathing.

He then cornered me between him and the wall as that same smile from earlier was still on his face.

"My names ink what's yours?" He said gleefully as I trembled while answering him in fear.

"Y/n, my name is y/n."

He giggled and grabbed me with one of his hands and messed with my hair a bit before placing me back down with his voice suddenly becoming deep and dark.

"You belong to me, darling~ don't you ever try to leave."

I think I'm ready to keep writing.
Lukielu out!

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