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Yandere error x male reader x dreamswap error
Requested by SSD_dragneaa
I couldn't find a image with only ds error and error- and template will probably get his own chapter-

Narrator's pov

How did this even happen!? One second he's talking with friends at school, the next he's running from two near identical skeletons for some reason.

Being covered in his friends blood made him want to throw up but the fear and adrenaline pushed him to keep on running from the skeleton until something tight wrapped around him and due to the extrusion y/n had already done he passed out immediately.

Y/n's pov

(Why is it so hard to breathe? Why does it feel as if I'm floating?)

I opened my eyes to see myself far from the ground and as panic began to set I heard a glitchy laugh.

"Oh, I didn't expect you to wake up so soon."

My head turned to where the voice came from and it was one of the skeletons that was chasing me earlier sitting on what looked like a seat made of blue strings.

I began to struggle in my restraints only for them to tighten making me scream in pain as they chuckled.

A hand reached out and cupped my cheek pulling me inches away from the skeletons face.

"Your so cute my sweet y/n-"

He was cut off by me falling from the strings and into another pair of them before being transported to a different place.

I looked around seeing a somewhat familiar skeleton, it was near identical to the last one I was just with having only a few changes.

He said nothing as he tied me to the wall only looking me up and down. It wasn't until a few minutes later did he finally speak.

"Your safer with me. You shouldn't be worrying."

I mentally snorted at that. Later I heard feet land and the door slammed open.

"Give them back!"

That same glitchy voice yelled as the other was just starring at them before readying something. And soon enough blue strings went flying around the room.

Soon the two skeletons became tired of the fighting leading to absolutely nowhere and made up a compromise.

Why not just share the human?

Why me...?

I hop you guys enjoyed this! Also sorry for it being a bit short.
Lukielu out!
Stay safe!

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