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Yandere flowerfell x male ghost reader
Narrator's pov
After frisk died for the final time sans fell into a deep state of depression and pain as his soul once more became cold. But then one day you showed up. When he noticed you he worried that the same thing would happen with you so he didn't speak to you but after he noticed papyrus unable to see the human he got curious and asked the human what were they.

The human responded that they were a ghost that helped people feel better about themselves. But he was still curious so he asked why they were a ghost and the answer he got back nearly made him cry. They had said that you were killed protecting someone back on the surface.

The human reminded him of frisk so much. After awhile him and the human became good friends and the human helped him through a lot of things both physically and mentally. But he then felt that they were going to leave him, with that thought he became more and more paranoid to the point of fighting with himself to take him or not.


Y/n's pov
Groaning I woke up from the resting spot I took beside a tree hearing snow crunch so looking up I see sans. Getting up I see him standing still before he asks me. "Hey y/n I want to show you something." I nodded before he took my hand teleporting us to a large garden with sunflowers all about. "This was where me and frisk had our garden" I heard his voice break a bit so I put my hand on his shoulder reassuring him it's going to ok. He didn't respond only hugging me as I hugged back before noticing the slight smell of copper in the air.

His grip on me never left making me chuckle nervously before I asked. "Hey sans can you let go please." He didn't let go. "S-sans please let go of me." I pleaded but he didn't listen picking me up and through the garden. I was brought to a house farther down as sans went inside and into a bedroom. Not to long after he somehow chained me to the bed making start struggling before I ran out of steam passing out wondering what in the world got into sans.

As I woke up my mind ran with many questions. How did he grab my arm, pick me up, and chain me to a bed? Fully opening my eyes I saw sans pacing back and forth muttered something. He then ran up again only getting behind me. "Please don't leave me I'm sorry." I couldn't help but feel pity for the skeleton as he began humming a small tune making me sleepy once more. "I'm sorry but can't have you awake for this." He said as I fell back asleep.

Narrator's pov
After that day the human and sans were never found anywhere across the underground. While some speculated that grief took over him and others thought he just disappeared but only the human knew what happened.

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