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Yandere minusculetale Cross x male reader
Narrator's pov
You knew something was special about that forest but you couldn't put your finger on it. After a few weeks your curiosity got the better of you and you carefully went out there only to be knocked out by something.

Y/n's pov
"Grunt" (where am I?) I thought getting up off the ground only to see very tall grass. (What happened?) I began walking around only to the grass shake to my right making turn around in fear to see something. When it fully stepped out from the grass it noticed me and it rushed over making me close my eyes only to hear it say. "Who are you?" "I'm Y-y/n." I said in fear out what it could do to me. "How did you get here?" He said in a demanding voice as I responded. "I was walking around only to be knocked out and I woke up here." It then said. "What are you?" "A human." I said as it hummed. "Come on every other human tries to destroy this place and then you come here!" It yelled making my fear grow evermore. "Most humans are nearly 30 times our size there's no way your a human." "Well I am one and I think something made me shrink." I said as his eyes stared daggers into me. "Well your different from other humans-" he was cut off by a spider showing up with a hungry look in its eyes. I felt arms wrap around me and up we went into the sky as I held back the urge to scream. Before I knew it we were somewhere up high in a tree and he let go of my body letting me look down to the ground and they said. "Don't worry we'll be somewhere lower to the ground soon." I nodded and passed out from shock.

Day 2

I woke on something soft so I looked down again to see yellow so I looked around the place and saw I was on flower. "Good morning human." I heard something say and I looked to my left seeing them. "Your surprisingly cute for a human." They said with a purple hue on its cheek as my face flushed red. "Call me cross." They said as I nodded. "I've already told the others about you and they don't mind you staying for awhile." "Ok but we need to find a way to get me back to my normal size." I said as cross nodded. After a bit I was able to meet the others but it seemed like they knew something that I didn't but I didn't let it bother me.

Day 3

I woke up once more on the flower and saw Cross standing a bit away. "Good morning human." "Good morning cross." I said sleepily. "We found a way to resize you back to your regular size. "Great!" I said happily as cross sighed. "There's one catalyst though." Cross said as a confused look was painted on my face. "You'll be mine~" And my face immediately went to a look of horror.

(Jump to the yesterday as you were asleep.)
Cross's pov
"Hey dad." "Yes son?" "Is there a way to resize something?" "If this is about the human yes but is there a reason why." "I want to make him mine." I said slightly embarrassed. "Then resize yourself with him and go to his home." He said calmly only to continue his sentence. "Just be sure to come and visit here and there." "Ok please teach me!" "Fine."

(Present day)
Y/n's pov
I started to back away from him as he walked closer and closer. I soon got to the edge of the flower and the only thing I could think was. (I have to fall) I fell off the flower awaiting the impact only to feel like I'm floating so I opened my eyes to see cross holding me with his wings flapping. "Your mine now." He then knocked me out.

Day 4

My eyes opened and my hands wandered feeling a soft bed frame. (Am I home?) I thought only to hear light snoring. It was the dead of night and any sound would most likely alert him so I have to be careful- I ran into something soft but when I tried going through it only to hear a light chuckle. "I can't believe you forgot about my wings." He said in a laughing tone pulling me back down onto his chest. "You shouldn't be awake anyway y/n so why don't you go back to sleep." He said as I indeed felt tried and passed out only hearing. "We'll breed later today~"

I hope you guys enjoyed this!
Lukielu out!
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