Last resort

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Yandere swapdream nightmare x male reader
Narrator's pov
It just wasn't fair! This was a thought that went through nightmares mind daily. Why did his sister have to be so protective of him? No matter what he did she would always but in taking y/n away from him. He knew that he would need help but he didn't want to acknowledge it until today when he was thinking of what to do.

Nightmare's pov
(Maybe just maybe that will work-)

Startled out of my train of thought I looked up to see my "brother" if I can even call him that.

"I see your still struggling to find a way to get that human aren't you?"

"Yes. What is it that you want this time?"

I asked annoyed as he smirked back.

"Well I've been looking for a mate and I see that his sister is the perfect little mate for me so why don't we make a deal?"

"What is it?"

I asked now listening to what he has to say.

"If I get his sister within my grasp to be my mate. I will let you have the human. So what do you say do we have deal or not?"

I contemplated for a few minutes before I stated that.

"You have a deal."

And off we went.

Y/n's pov

Walking around the house I heard a knock at the door so I walked towards the door and opened it seeing nightmare with someone else. Staring at the new skeleton before nightmare spoke as I heard s/n stop at the stairs.

"Hello y/n this is my brother dream." Nightmare said as I waved at him as he waved back. They stepped inside and I noticed dream taking glances at s/n.

A few minutes later s/n came downstairs and as soon as she starred at dream her entire mood changed from ticked off to flirtatious it was as if she was enchanted.She kept on trying to flirt with dream and it was kinda annoying to be honest.

Soon enough I began to get a headache from hearing s/n flirt and let them I know that I was going to go lay down.

Nightmare's pov

I watched as dream and s/n flirted making me annoyed just waiting for them to leave. A good 20 minutes later dream winked at me before teleporting away making me sigh in relief that I don't have to be near him and that I can finally make y/n mine.

I walked up the stairs and towards y/n's room thinking of ways to claim him. Opening his door I  saw his sleeping form making me smile as I walked towards him. Carefully taking him out of bed I teleported back to my castle.

I placed him in my bed and began waiting for him to wake up.

Y/n's pov

I opened my eyes to see a dark figure but my vision was still mostly blurry so I sat up on the bed and waited for my vision to return back to normal. Once it did I saw nightmare and noticed that the room I was was completely different than my own.

"Good morning darling~" I heard him say as he walked over to me.


"I've wanted you for so long and now your all mine~"

"What do you mean-"

I was cut off by him slamming his lips onto mine slipping his tongue in making an unwanted moan to leave my lips.

"I love you so much y/n~"

I hope you guys enjoyed this
Lukielu out!
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