Dangerous mates

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Yandere parable x male reader x yandere exemplum
Requested by SSD_dragneaa


Narrator's pov


That's what they became after they found you.

Their obsession with grew moment after moment.

Their instincts kept pushing them forward.

The human they loved kept themselves away from them.

They couldn't find out why?

So they came to him instead.

Y/n's pov

I laid in my bed letting the breeze of the fan soothe me as thought of ways to leave my house while they were here.

They weren't inside yet but I still had to find a way to leave my house for good.

I opened the window in my room and climbed out before landing onto the ground. I then crawled over to my car and got in it but as I tried to start it no sound came.

I got out carefully and opened the front hatch to a broken motor.


I heard the sound of wings flapping so I got up and began running only for him to land in front of me.

"Y/n, where are you going?"

He growled at me making me chuckle nervously before I heard someone approach me from behind.

Strings began to wrap around my arms before I booked it again this time though they didn't stop me.

After running for a bit I stopped to regain my breath only for strings to once more wrap around me.

The strings dragged me back to them and back into my house. Some strings locked the door as I was tied to my bed.

"Y/n, why did you try to leave?"

Exemplum said as he got closer to me while parable did the same.

"This isn't fair, you two can't keep me here as yours. I don't understand."

I said as parable bit down on a nerve making me black out.

Once I awoke I noticed that my room was different.

My bed was make-shifted into a nest of some sort and strings were all along the walls.

I struggled to break free of the restraints from earlier only to find out they've tighten since then.

I heard footsteps come towards me so I looked up seeing them.


I mumbled before they chuckled.

"You can't leave y/n~ your our mate~"

I hope you guys enjoyed this
Lukielu out!

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