Train of emotions

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Yandere dust x male reader
Narrator's pov
After chara had been killed sans thought he could just reset but after many attempts it didn't work so he became even more depressed as he lounged around the hollow underground waiting for something to happen. But when you fell down he noticed something different about you. You weren't out to kill or hurt anyone you were trying to survive which at first made him chuckle as he knew you were easy prey. But after days of watching you he changed his mind about he didn't want you dead... he wanted you.

Y/n's pov
I walked the endless snowy forest as I felt eyes hit the back of my head when I reached the small bridge so I turned around seeing no one.Turning back around I saw a skeleton with a blue hoodie with a red scarf and it's eyes were one pure red with the other red-purple. I stared at it confused until it held its hand out so I hesitantly took as it smiled before letting go. "Hello human the names sans,sans the skeleton. What's yours?" He asked with a seductive tone making my face flush red as I said. "My names y/n" I said as he nodded. His smirk only got bigger as he got closer to me making me back away. "You know y/n, I've been watching you since you fell down here. And I've been so lonely after what happened here..." He said putting both hands of his hands on each shoulder with a purple hue on his face. I pushed him away and ran into the forest beside you. After a few minutes of running you slammed into a branch at the same height as your forehead making you hit the ground hard knocking the wind out of you. As you laid down on the ground on the ground sans ran over to with a worried look before picking you up with a smirk. "I wish you would just said yes." He said before somehow you ended up somewhere else. He walked into what looked like a basement and chained you to the wall. At this point you had gotten your breath back and began fighting him making become frustrated. "Why won't you just let me love you!" He said as insanity was noticeably in his eyes as you continued fighting. "You leave me no choice." He said bluntly as he kissed you deeply before he broke your left arm making you scream breaking the kiss. "So y/n are you gonna let me love you?" He said insanity pouring from his voice as you nodded closing your eyes passing out.

You never saw the outside world again...

I hope you guys enjoyed this!
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