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Yandere dreamswap dream x male reader x dreamswap nightmareType-fluff——————

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Yandere dreamswap dream x male reader x dreamswap nightmare

Narrator's pov
It's been a few years since dream had taken y/n from his family and once y/n got to dreams castle he placed him in charge of managing the slaves that he got over time. While being stuck in the castle dream taught y/n healing magic and a bit of other magic. With this magic y/n would heal the slaves that couldn't go on or were about to pass out.

But one day while watching the slaves and making sure they were ok y/n noticed another skeleton but in a purple,light blue,and blue cloak with the outside of it being black having random text imprinted onto it. And after that day it would keep appearing but in different places.

And to make things even worse a few slaves would go missing making y/n get in trouble for not keeping them alive. If only y/n knew the pain that would follow after that day.


Y/n's pov

Hearing birds chirping I woke up and rubbed my eyes and looked my calendar that I've had since I got here as it read 'May 15 20xx' making me sigh. Getting dressed and putting on my shoes after taking a shower I walked out seeing no one. Not a single person in sight.

Beginning to panic as I didn't want to get in trouble I began looking for any of them to no avail. But then I noticed that same purple dressed skeleton standing far away staring me dead in the eyes with his purple and blue eyes making me shiver.

Then he vanished making me nervously look around and looking behind me seeing it. "Hello my sweet~" it's voice rang out as I began to back away. "Aw why are you running y/n?" He said somehow grabbing me from behind before continuing to speak. "Call me nightmare my sweet~"

Struggling out of its hold I began running as fast as I could back only to see dream? Wondering what the hell was going on he grabbed my arm saying nothing as he teleported us to the castle. "Are you ok darling?" He asked before I explained what happened seeing his eyes go dark. "It's ok I'll fix this issue." He stated before disappearing.

As I sat there a thought crossed my mind. Why did dream call me darling and why did nightmare grab me and talk to me like he was in love. Then it hit me. Both of them were obsessed with me. Getting up I started running again going to down to multitude of stairs and finally got to the hall that lead to the door allowing me to leave when I felt a hand grab my waist.

"Running away now are we?" A deep voice purred as I tilted my head seeing nightmare and hearing dream teleport in with his weapons drawn.

"Give him here and I won't have to kill you."

"Oh but why should I when he's all mine?"

Nightmare responded bringing out his scythe pointing it at dream as I whimpered. In a few mere moments I was tied to the wall with rope before nightmare walked up grabbing my chin lifting it up and saying. "Don't worry my dear once he's dead you'll be all mine."

The fight started with bones and blasters being thrown around with both dodging only escaping with minor scratches. They began to attack each other with their weapons blood began to spill onto the floor. At this point a thought once more came to me.

(What if they both die?)
It was a sick thought but if it did happen I wouldn't be forced to love one of them. But then I would be stuck bound to the wall so that might be out of the question.

They both charged at one another one last time before everything went black.

Shooting up I frantically looked around seeing my room? Jumping up I look at my calendar seeing that it was the same day. May 15 20xx. No this doesn't make any sense I don't get it!

I got dressed putting on my shoes only to look out the window seeing nightmare at the same spot. As fear stuck I left and booked it through the forest nearby that lead to civilization. Halfway through my running a thought stopped me in my tracks.

(Am... am I in a time loop?) This scared me but ignored it continuing to civilization. Getting to the civilization I asked for help on staying away from the two skeletons but they just said that there was nothing they could do.

So now I'm for the rest of eternity stuck running from the two obsessed skeletons and any time I die I get sent back to that day.

May 15 20xx

This was fun to make and I hope you guys enjoyed this!
Lukielu out!
Requested by April_Gianttale

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