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Yandere passive nightmare x willing male reader
Happy birthday to the dreamtale twins!
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Narrator's pov

Nightmare saw them from their nightmares.

They made him feel a different way.

And when he finally gained enough courage to talk to them he was surprise that the response he got was friendly.

So naturally he fell for them hard for a few reasons.

One of them was that back at the tree he was never loved or really cared about him. So for someone to show him kindness it made him melt.

But then paranoia took over his thoughts. His mind would constantly thrown him in peril with thoughts that they would leave him or they would just disappear.

So he had to make sure that you will stay his.

Y/n's pov

My eyes opened to see leaves of a tree above me and nightmare right beside me also laying down.

The tree had two different colored apples, one was gold while the other was black.

I sat up and stretch a bit before nightmare got up and wrapped arms around me putting his skull into my neck.

I leaned into his embrace before he spoke, his words seeped of worry.

"You won't leave right? You won't right?..."

He trailed on while trembling with tears that threatened to fall at a moments notice.

I cupped his cheek with one of my hands smiling at him.

"Why would I leave you? Your perfect to me."

His eyes lit up as his grasp tightened around me before he kissed me making a deep red blush form on my cheek.

He broke the kiss and laid me down back onto the grass which he then began to attack my neck with kisses and hickeys making moan.

He stripped me of my shirt and laid more kisses and hickeys along my chest before removing my pants making him stare down at me with a loving gaze.

"Your so beautiful y/n~"

He kissed me as he pulled out his member and prodded it against my ass. The kiss distracted me as he pushed it inside only stopping once he was fully inside making me gasp at his size.

He waited until I adjusted to his size and he pulled out most of his member leaving only the tip inside he plunged back making me moan loudly.

I was already about to release when a hand came down and gripped my member as nightmare stuttered.

"N-no not yet."

His thrusts became more erratic and one of them hit my g-spot making me scream in pleasure and release.Nightmare focused on hitting that same spot for a bit until he thrusted once more before releasing.

My eyes drooped as he held me close and I felt myself being changed into new clothes before he voice broke the silence.

"I love you y/n."

I hope you guys enjoyed this
Lukielu out!

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