Because I care for you

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Yandere altertale sans x male reader
Narrator's pov
Human after human. Soul after soul. Sans had already lost so much in life. So with the next human, he made an mental agreement with himself to protect them at all costs.

But with this human he felt different. He didn't know why? When he saved the human only an hour ago he didn't feel much but by the time the human entered his home he had fallen head over heels for the human.

So now he has to keep the human which also protects them so he never felt as if he was doing anything wrong.

Y/n's pov

I walked into sans's house and he showed me around before he smelled burning and told me to make myself at home as he went to go stop the burning. I walked into what I assumed was my room and looked around.

Everything looked normal and as I jumped into the bed I soon felt sleepy, so I lifted the sheets and was gonna take a nap when I heard a loud bang.

I got up and left the room to see what happened. Nothing looked out of the ordinary but sans was nowhere to be found. I soon found a small staircase so I went down and walked the endless hallways to see sans standing close by a pile of rubble.

"There, now I can keep the human safe with me."

And as he turned around he noticed me and out of curiosity I asked.

"What was that?"

"It was nothing, now come let's go eat."

I never got to know what he destroyed. And I never left this place.

Sorry for this being kinda short but I hope you still enjoyed this!
Lukielu out!
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