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Yandere Er r o r 404 x male reader
Narrator's pov
Trapped.You've been trapped in his void for so long and only thing you've been able to talk to is him. You never knew why you were stuck here all he would do was tell you about his day or he would just stand over you with a grin stuck to his skull. But at some point he started hugging you making wonder what's the real reason he took you.

Y/n's pov
I woke up feeling a tight grip on my waist and the feeling of something going up and down on my back so I turned and saw him grinding against me as his grip only got tighter making me lose my breath and huff. He soon noticed I was awake and then chuckled at my still shocked expression saying. "I love you y/n~ your going to be mine and mine alone~" with a husky voice making me shudder as he fully turned me around roughly kissing me pushing his tongues into my mouth making me moan a bit. He then snapped his fingers putting me onto a bed with standing over me with a lustful gaze in his eyes. "You'll know the reason why I took you soon enough~" he said diving his head to my neck using his tongues to lick my neck as moans spilled. He found my sweet spot and bit down on it roughly making me scream as he chuckled again. "Fuck~ I can't wait anymore!" He said ripping off my clothes and quickly took off his own and thrusted into me roughly making me scream in pain. He stopped and kiss me again telling me that he loved me. After a few minutes I think lust got the better of him and he started thrusting in me as the pleasure soon took over my body making me scream in pleasure. "Ah~ y/n I'm about to- Mmh~" he released and so did I.He was still riding out his high with a few softer thrusts and before I knew it he fell on top of me saying. "Your mine now love."

I wanted to do one about error 404 because I haven't seen a lot of him so I hoped you enjoyed this!
Lukielu out.

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