Stuck pt.2

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Yandere minusculetale cross x male reader
Y/n's pov
I woke up once more feeling a tight grip on my waist as I tried escaping his grasp again only to once more hit his wings but he was still asleep so I slid under them running out of the room. Getting to the living room I headed to the front door running out of my house and towards a hotel to stay for at least a few days until he either forgets about me or gives up.

Cross's pov
I woke up feeling a slight shift in weight on the bed so I opened my eyes to find y/n gone making me panic. (Ok think think!) I thought getting up as the sense of fear only to smell his scent making me chuckle. (Oh y/n you've made a grave mistake in leaving me. You'll be punished oh so roughly~) I thought leaving his house and began flying to where his scent will take me.

Y/n's pov
(Ok I have to just wait it out here.) I thought only to hear a knock on my door confusing me because I just got here. Looking through the peep hole of the door to see cross making fear crawl up my back. I tried carefully walking away before he somehow broke down the door. I backed away hitting the wall behind me as cross came closer to me before he hugged me. "You worried me so much! I think you deserve to be punished~" I began struggling in his hold before he opened the room's window jumping out and began to fly away making me instinctively grab hold of him in fear of falling. "Heh looks like your all mine now dear~" He said as we landed back at my house. He walked inside immediately heading to my room placing me on the bed. An unwanted blush began forming as he gently slid his thumb across my cheek. "Your so perfect~ I don't know what I would be without you." He said making my blush turn blood red. He then took off my shirt beginning to run his cold hands across my chest as I shivered in unwanted delight. While his hands were roaming around my chest he began licking my neck making soft moans spill from me. "Your scent it's oh so intoxicating~ I can't get enough~" he said still licking my neck. He then licked a certain spot making a moan come me as he bit down on it making another but louder moan spill. "Oh darling~" Cross then began to lick the blood that came from the wound and he moaned in delight himself. "Oh my god~ you taste so good~" He then got up and took off my pants and boxers and my blush somehow got even darker. After that he got his member,It looked like tentacle but it wasn't. "I hope your ready for the best time of your life y/n and I hope your ready to make a family~" he then slowly thrusted in as tears formed from the pain and he whispered sweet nothings in my ear to distract me. After a few minutes he thrusted deeply in and I moaned letting him know he was okay to continue. He started at brutal speed making me moan like crazy. He somehow got rougher and rougher until he hit his breaking point releasing into as I released. After a few seconds he flopped on top of me. I regained myself realizing how fucked I am with cross chuckling. "Your stuck with me now darling~"

I hope you guys enjoyed the part two!
Lukielu out!
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