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Yandere minusculetale dream x Bee! Male reader
I think dream is a girl in this Au but please let me know if I'm wrong. (I couldn't find much info on their gender)
Requested by Keyrakhansa97
Narrator's pov
Y/n was a special kind of bee, one that helped anyone in need no matter the cost or danger he would put himself in. Which of course led to many bees looking to 'help' him which he would always to decline.

Except for one bee.




"Ow. Oh, hey dream."

Y/n's pov

"You know you can just come up to me right? You don't have to ram into me."

I laughed a bit making her giggle a bit before saying.

"I know but it's more fun this way!"

Me and her had a nice conversation where we just talked either life or about things we enjoyed. After awhile we said our goodbyes but not before she kissed my cheek making blood rush to my face as she flew away.

I sat there for a minute trying to get rid of my blush but to no avail so I just got back to what I was doing before she showed up.

As time passed I did what needed to do until I heard a rustle in the grass making me curious so walked over to the sounds location only to feel something hit the back of my head and my vision went dark

For a moment.

I grabbed my head and groaned in pain as I got up from the ground. The thing that had hit me was still here so I turned my head around only for me eye to widen in surprise as I saw dream standing there with a stick.

"D-dream what the hell is wrong with you!"

I yelled but it didn't reach her as she pulled my body close to hers. Soon she started to fly again as I struggled within her impossibly strong grasp.

We got to her house and I was still struggling to break free from her. I finally broke free and as I was about to fly away a vine caught my leg pulling me back to her.

She then wrapped vines around the rest of arms and legs leaving me unable to move as she final spoke with possessiveness dripping from her words.

"Your too cute and soft for everyone else, they'll just take advantage of you and your kind deeds so why don't you just stay with me? I can give you everything my love~."

I hope you guys enjoyed this!
Lukielu out!

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