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Yandere template x male reader x yandere pale
Requested by SSD_dragneaa
Narrator's pov

White. Is all you saw.

One moment your hanging out with friends and the next you see a white void with only a skeleton to be seen in the distance holding an orb.

Then it vanished while the skeleton's eyes became pink as they looked at you. He appeared in front of you before grabbing your arm teleporting you to what you assumed with another white void this time though, there was another skeleton.

Y/n's pov

I took in the looks of both of the skeletons the one that took me had a splash of ink on his skull while his clothes were a jacket and some pants with a scarf around its neck.

The other skeleton was colored black and had on a red shirt, blue and black pants, a black and yellow jacket around its waist, a blue scarf and glasses, and a giant pencil like thing.

The black colored skeleton dashed towards me with excitement laced in its eyes. They picked me up spun me around in the air while giggling.

"What's your name?"

The skeleton from before asked with a monotone voice while the other skeleton was still spinning me around.


That skeleton started to say my name constantly as the skeleton holding me finally spoke.

"My name is template and his name is pale!"

He said still excited and put me down before I promptly fell backwards out of dizziness only to be caught by pale.

His still pink eyes looked down at me sending a shiver down my spine before he hugged me. The scenery had changed and I was placed on a bed before he attacked my neck.

A few moments later template appeared.

"Pale, what are you doing?"

"Staking my claim."

Template laughed a bit before walking up to the bed running his hand through my hair as I covered my mouth to avoid them hearing anything.

"Once I'm done with them I'll let you have a turn template."

Pale then bit harshly onto my neck making me scream although thankfully it was muffled by my hand. But in a moment my hand was taken and held by template as pale ripped open my shirt and licked and nibbled my chest while soft moans left me.

"I wonder how long it will take to break you?"

Pale then pulled down my pants leaving me only in my boxers as he began to palm at my clothes member making me groan while template still looked at me.

He kept this up for a few minutes, stopping and starting. Once he finally stopped he tore away my boxers and got up, removing his clothing revealing his member.

He climbed back on top of me and began to prod at my entrance as he muttered things under his breath. He then quickly thrusted inside making me scream in pain as he muttered sweet whispers into my ears.

He waited for me to adjust a bit before pulling out and slamming right back in making me scream in a mix of pain and pleasure.

He started to pound into me ruthlessly giving me no time to breathe as pleasure soon filled my senses. He soon hit my G-spot making me release as he kept going as I came down from my high.

"Your so tight y/n~ it makes me want to break you more~"

He grunted out and he kept going for at least another hour before he finally released deep inside.

After a few minutes pale pulled out and stepped aside letting template take his spot.

"Aw, you look so cute darling~"

He said as he cupped my cheek, a sadistic smile coating his skull. He quickly undressed and thrusted in me making me squeak and squirm as his pace was quick and rough.

My moans and screams of pleasure filled the room once more as he lifted me off him only to flip me onto my hands and knees before slamming back in.

"Stars you feel so good~ I love you so much~"

He went on for what seemed like forever before he finally released, collapsing on top of me muttering things as I felt the world go to black.

This took awhile sorry! I hope you guys enjoyed!
Lukielu out!

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