Focus on only me

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Yandere classic x pacifist! Male reader
Requested by player-san

Narrator's pov

How hard was it to give him a bit more attention? Sans was riddled in his thoughts when his phone vibrated so he pulled it out to see a message from y/n asking if he wanted to come over and watch a movie?

A few years ago that human had saved the underground bringing them back to surface. But he didn't give enough attention to the shorter skeleton, it wasn't on accident it was just that there was so many people and monsters to keep track of that he fell into the back burner.

Anyways sans couldn't begin to describe how happy he was to finally see him again.

Y/n's pov

I finished getting dressed in my pajamas as I heard a knock at the door knowing full well who it was. I opened the door seeing sans in his normal white shirt and black shorts.

I brought him inside and he sat on the couch as I grabbed a bowl of popcorn asking him what he'd like to watch and he said anything works. So I grabbed a movie that was a few years old and began playing it.

A good 30 minutes into the movie I felt sleepy so I yawned, closing my eyes for a quick moment only to fall asleep.

Sans noticed the human's slumping form and grabbed them quickly and placed their head on his lap only then realizing what he did. A large bright blue hue spread across his cheekbone as he carefully played with their hair.

It was so soft. He could just ruffle with his hair for the rest of his life and die happy. But with them being asleep he saw an opportunity to have all of their attention on him.

He picked up the humans sleeping body and opened a portal jumping through it bringing them into his house. He walked up to his room placing him onto his bed before joining them, wrapping his arms around the human pulling them even closer he fell asleep.

My eyes fluttered open I felt a somewhat tight grip on my waist and mumbling from someone behind me. Listening closer it was sans and chuckled a bit before relaxing again only for many questions to spawn in my mind.

I broke out of his grip and walked around the unfamiliar house, it probably belonged to sans. A bit later a pair of boney hands wrapped around my waist.

"Come back... five more minutes."

Sans slurred before pulling me back up to his room and bed as he was still slurring words.

"Hey sans why am I at your house?"

I asked confused as fear arose only for no response making look back and seeing him already asleep. This time his grip was tighter making it near impossible to escape his hold.

His breath hit my neck making me shiver before slowly succumbing back into unconsciousness.

I hope you guys enjoyed this!
Lukielu out!
Stay safe!

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