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Yandere ink x male reader
Narrator's pov

It was all so strange... the amount of gifts that appeared on y/n's doorstep filled with flowers to paint supplies and the worst of it all

Body parts.

Sometimes it was limbs and sometimes it was hearts or brains.

And to make things worse they always had the person that they tore limb and parts from name onto. Some were close friends, some were people y/n had just met. Even when y/n told the police about these mysterious packages sent from an unknown person they said they couldn't find any leads.

Then their body parts would end up y/n's  doorstep.

Y/n's pov

A new day dawned as I heard a knock on my front door. Groggily I got up and went to the door seeing another package. I picked it up and brought inside, opening it against my better judgment praying that it was any body parts this time.

Inside it held a rainbow letter. Going to my room I began to read it but it repeated one word.

"Ink ink ink ink ink ink ink ink ink ink..."

Confused I placed it down walking out of my room to eat something I saw a skeleton... or a plush of one. Then a hand covered my mouth with a rag and as I fought back I began to get sleepy.

And soon enough I blacked out hearing incoherent mumbling.

I woke up smelling fresh paint and as I opened my eyes I saw a skeleton sitting on a stool painting on a canvas.

"There! All done how do you like it?"

He turned the the canvas around showing a portrait of my sleeping form and I tried to move only to feel a pain in my side.

"Oh! I put something at your sides so that you wouldn't move! Don't worry we're done though!"

He said as he picked me up bringing me to a bed where he placed me down and before I could ask where I am he began to speak.

"My names ink and your gonna be mine!"

He said cheerfully as he hugged me from behind.

"We're gonna be together forever."

He said as I realized I'm now stuck with a delusional skeleton for who knows how long.

I hope you guys enjoyed this although it was a bit short.
Lukielu out!
Requested by IDKCVVVVV

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