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Yandere paperjam x male reader
Narrator's pov
The son of a creator and destroyer Can led to many different outcomes when it comes to getting their lover. When he saw you for the first time you immediately caught his attention making him begin to stalk you. While stalking you he found out that you very cautious and you usually didn't fall for tricks so he had to come up with a different plan. When he got home he told both ink and error what's going on and that he needs help and surprisingly they agreed. Since ink is a painter he painted a really good fake injury on his chest while error was opening a portal to where you were on the floor so once ink was done he could jump through the portal and get his lover.

Y/n's pov
Sitting on my computer bored so I got up leaving my house just for a quick stroll for a breath of air. I had one earbud in listening to music while to other one was in my pocket. After 5-10 minutes I heard what sounded like a thud and a bit of rustling so went over and check seeing a black colored skeleton with a large slash on it so I carefully picked them up and began to run back to my house.Getting inside I carefully put him on my bed and grabbed some bandages but when I got back they were gone. "What in the? Mmph!" A hand covered my mouth and one trailed to my waist. "Hello y/n~" My eyes widened in surprise as I wondered how he knew my name. "I've been wanting you for a long time~ And now you'll be all mine~" I tried to elbow them only for it to not effect them as they laughed. "I can't believe that you fell for it!" He declared as I noticed his hands were skeletal ones and before I could continue struggling a dizzy feeling washed over me as we were in a new place. "Good job hun you did it!" A cheerful voice said as I was lead to a different room and thrown onto a bed. They got behind and pulled me into their chest. "The names paperjam honey~" He purred as he cradled my waist as my eyes slowly closed as he kissed me quickly before falling asleep.

I hope you guys enjoyed this!
Lukielu out!
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