My love? Why are you so afraid of me?

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Yandere stain sans x male reader
Narrator's pov

He had watched through windows and crowds to see his lover. He watched in the shadows and in puddles of paint. He loved seeing them happy.

But? Why were they so afraid him?

All he did was try to make them happy. When someone made fun of them he stopped them where they stood, was this not enough for their love?

Y/n's pov

(What the hell!)

First, a piece of shit makes fun of me then a skeleton with tentacles impaled the person and decapitated them as I ran away.

when I finally got home I slammed the door closed sighing in relief.

"Why did you run from me?"

A deep voice rang out as I looked around to find the voices location before blood stained tentacles wrapped around my body before it brought me to a skeleton.

Their tentacles dropped me to the floor as the tar dissolved from the skeleton showing a scarf wearing skeleton with a blue and yellow star as their eyes.

"Love, why are you afraid of me?"

They said as Their arms wrapped around me bringing me to the couch.

My body began to shake in fear before a dizzy feeling washed over me before I noticed that I was now in my bed still having their arms around me.

I felt them shove their head into my neck as they spoke once more, their voicing luring me to sleep.

"There's no need to be afraid. Once you wake everything will be fine."

I hope you guys enjoyed this!
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