Broken trust

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Yandere Swapdream nightmare x male reader
Narrator's pov
Nightmare exhausted after his last battle with his brother for the thousand time battered,bruised,and blooded using up the last of his energy to teleport away crashed on grass passing out. A few minutes later while you were walking around you found where he passed out so you picked him carefully before running back to your house to patch him up. Getting to your house you placed him on your bed leaving the room quickly to grab gauze and bandages then back to patch him up. Getting done with that you left your room quickly falling asleep on the couch.

Y/n's pov
I woke up to the feeling of something pressing against my neck so I opened my eyes seeing the same skeleton from last night pressing his scythe against my neck. "Where am I? Who are you?" He said in a demanding tone so I responded with. "I found you out cold on the grass and hurt so brought you in my house to patch you up so that you didn't die." A look of shock spread across his face before retracting his scythe with a look of shame on his face. "Hey don't worry! I probably would have done the same if someone brought me into their home!" I said as they smiled slightly before looking back down. "I-I'm sorry for that." They said with regret pouring from their voice. "My names nightmare the guardian of the tree of feelings what's yours?" "My names y/n!" I said extending my hand for a handshake as he hesitantly took it. "Oh right! Uh thanks for saving me." "No problem!" I responded as a purple light dusted his cheekbones. Finally registering what nightmare looked like he had one purple eye and the other one being a light blue. He wore a cloak that was colored a purple,blue, and light blue with the rest of his cloak having some text but it was unreadable but that was none of my worries. He also wore a moon necklace with a dark star in the middle of it.

After that day me and him became good friends. I would usually help him out with any injuries that he got from protecting but he never told me what he was fighting or just letting him vent his emotions on past events.

(A few months later)
I woke up from a nap hearing a knock at my front door so I got up and headed to it opening it seeing nightmare making me smile. Nightmare walked in and sighed flopping on the couch. "Are you ok nightmare?" "Yeah just tired." He responded sighing once more most likely in his thoughts. A few moments later he got up saying. "Hey y/n do you want to come with me back to my castle for a bit?" "Uh sure!" I stammered still processing the question at hand. "Great!" He said lightly grabbing my arm as a sudden wave of dizziness hit me so I closed my eyes before nightmare told me that I could open the seeing castle walls. Surprisingly the color of the walls were vibrant nearly identical to his cloak. Hearing nightmare sigh in delight I turned around seeing a purple hue across his cheekbone.

But why did something feel off?

A few minutes later nightmare said. "Hey y/n I have something to do so stay right here ok." And off he went. Another few minutes past as I wondered what was taking him so long until I heard a scream making me instantly turn around and run to the source of it. My face went from a look of confusion to a look of horror as I saw nightmare standing over another skeleton that had his scythe in its back. The being had large wings that were a solid yellow but that's all I could make out. "Finally he's dead I now can make y/n mine with no one in my way but I should probably get cleaned first before I-" He noticed me allowing me to see his skull along with his entire body covered in blood and dust letting me fully register that he just killed a fellow monster. "Y/n listen-" I began to run back to the previous room. Getting back into the room when I got here hiding behind a pillar. "Y/n please come out I only want to talk." I still hid from making him sigh only to disappear and reappear right in front of me making me scream. I tried to run again but he tightly grabbed my arm as I winced in pain. "What I did was for the best of us. Besides he would have killed you if I hadn't killed him." "Y-you betrayed my trust! I thought you were a good- Mmh!" He kissed me allowing some blood and dust to spread on my clothes. "Ever since that day you saved me I've always loved you because no other human treated me with such kindness before. I've never felt this way towards anyone so I want you." I still tried pushing him off me only for him to deepen the kiss as an unwanted moan came from my throat making him chuckle a bit. He then broke the kiss snapping his fingers cleaning himself and his clothes of blood and dust also putting us into a new room. The consisted of a large bed with purple covers and pillows and a window that allowed you to see the night sky. It also had a few other things that were there but couldn't be seen due to the lack of light. "Welcome y/n to your new home with your lover." He said still holding my arm tightly while bringing me to his bed letting go of my arm for a second only to pick me up putting me on the bed and under the covers before he got in it himself. I only now saw that his eye lights became hearts before he said. "Welcome home my prince~"

Alright that took awhile but I enjoyed writing it so I hope you enjoyed!
Lukielu out!
Requested by Liza_mcb

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