I command you to be mine

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Yandere dreamswap ink x male reader
Narrator's pov
Never once has ink felt love towards someone after the events that happened due to the military in his universe using him as a weapon. But why did he feel this way to a human? Every day he'd spot the same human making his soul skip a beat and his green and orange eyes would turn to hearts for a moment.

So he decided to go forward and find out for himself. He stalked the human endlessly to the point of keeping video records of them doing anything. Over time this obsession became to much for ink to handle.

You better start running human~

Y/n's pov

Walking about the park waiting for some of my friends to show up I felt a sense unease run through me but I ignored it and continued waiting. About 40 minutes later I got up and headed home realizing that I was ditched only to receive a message from an unknown number.

It was a bunch of morse code. Just ignoring the message I got up to my house unlocking the door to see it completely desolate. There was nothing in the house only a white void. Turning back around to leave the door wasn't there either.

Taking out my phone I tried doing anything on it only for there to be no internet so I translated the morse code and it said. "Your mine now~" Shaking in fear I tried walking around only for something to open up causing me to fall through the floor.




Shooting awake I saw a skeleton with orange and green eyes confusing me. Looking around I saw wood floors,walls, and roof. The skeleton sighed and started speaking. "Thank god your alright you took a really bad fall, but the good thing is that you only broke one leg."

Looking down I saw a green cast over my left leg. I sat in thought for a few seconds until they spoke again. "So what's your name?" They asked but when tried to speak my throat was dry so I asked them for some water which he nodded Leaving the room.

Waiting on them to get back I continued looking around I saw a phone turned on. Ignoring it I noticed them come back. "Here you go." He said handing the glass of water to me as I thanked him before gulping down the water.

"Sorry for not telling you earlier my name is ink" he said in a monotone voice confusing me as I placed down the glass. He walked over to me and put his hand on my cheek before kissing me. I tried to struggle but my body wouldn't respond.

They chuckled before saying. "Good you didn't even notice the paralyzing pill." They finally broke the kiss allowing me to get some air before looking at him with fear. As his eyes changed to hearts he got on the bed playing with my hair.

"I can't believe that's all it took to get you in my arms~" I couldn't move a muscle. "Your all mine~"

I hope you guys enjoyed this!
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