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Yandere spider error x male reader
Requested by wirlwind02
Narrator's pov

Y/n was just on a walk when he saw something that resembled a spider. It had a bit of blue fur, red and black legs with yellow points, and blue stripes under its eyes.

But it looked hurt so because of y/n's kind hearted nature he carefully picked it and brought it back to his house to take care of it.

When it woke up it was confused and terrified but it was too weak to move so in fear it awaited death itself before it felt something wrap around it's waist.

Y/n had wrapped a small bandage around the wound making it look up at him with shock and surprise. It took a few days before the spider could move again in which y/n fed and gave water to the spider and never put him in a cage cause doing that seemed cruel.

when spider could move again it made a web for its self and instead of the webbing being white it was blue and sometimes the spider laid near y/n while he was asleep.

And yes it did take sometime for y/n to get use to having the feeling of it climbing up y/n's leg.

Everything was going good until it got sick. Y/n was rushing around everywhere to try and find medicine for it but only one of the many medicines he found actually had affect.

Y/n's pov

I got back seeing it in so much pain it tore my heart up. I tried giving the medicine to him but he didn't even move from where he was making me sigh. It was pretty late and it didn't help that the pharmacy was miles away so I put my things down and slipped into something more comfortable before jumping in bed quickly falling asleep hoping to forget the problems of today for a bit.

I woke up feeling something soft pressing against my head as I was pulled deeper into something. My eyes fluttered opened seeing yellow points pushing me into blue fur...?

I looked up seeing it's skull that was just a moment ago laying on my head. I heard what sounded like a yawn before their eyes opened immediately fixing themselves onto mine.

"Hello human I can't thank you enough for saving me."

A deep voice sigh in delight as I looked stunned that he could even talk. As I marveled in shock they closed their eyes before continuing to speak.

"It seems as one of the medicine you gave me had a side effect making me able to become your size if not taller. So why don't you tell me your name?"

"M-my names y/n."

I stuttered making them chuckle a bit.

"That's a really cute name, mines error."

He purred as I squirmed in his hold. I soon noticed something, my left,right, and waist was wrapped in blue webbing. His tongue licked my cheek.

"You smell so good my dear~ I'm so happy that your the one that saved me."

I hope you guys enjoyed this!
Lukielu out! Stay safe!

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