Flavored love~

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Yandere Vanilla,strawberry, and chocolate nightmare sanses x male reader
Narrator's pov
They found y/n all the same... working at an ice cream shop. Yeah it was ironic that y/n works at a ice cream shop but seeing him work his butt off to pay rent and well just survive.

And yes every day that you worked there they would be there order the same flavor.

Vanilla,strawberry, and chocolate.

Y/n's pov

Taking orders from the same three skeletons I wondered why they always came here instead of going somewhere else. I handed them their ice creams and as I was heading back I saw my manager with a ticked off face.

"Look y/n, I don't know how your so kind to fucking skeletons than your own manager! I could just fire you on the spot!"

M/n has always been a dick about the smallest of things and to top it off he's a racist ass so took a deep breath and replied with.

"How can you be so fucking racist to people that you haven't even taken the time to learn about! Half the time you sit on your ass claiming that your the 'best manager' when mostly your either asleep or complaining how monsters should've stayed in the underground! At this point fire me if you want, I don't want work here when most of the people that I work with are assholes!"

I yelled as I put my apron down, took my stuff, and left as m/n lashed out insult after insult.

Once I got back to my house I just collapsed onto my bed and fell asleep not caring that I was still in my work clothes.

Waking up I smelled a pleasant aroma in the air so I walked out of my room to see the same three skeletons from the place I used to work at.

But how the hell did they know where I live? And they have tentacles?! When did they have tentacles!

As questions ran through my mind one of them snapped their fingers bringing me back to reality.

"Are you ok y/n?" The pink skeleton said as I nodded. The other two skeletons came up to me with enlightened faces and spoke rapidly.

"All three of us have the same name but you call me vanilla, that's chocolate, and that's strawberry. And we took care of the situation back at the ice cream shop and your manager!"

Vanilla exclaimed as a look of terror swept my face.

"You don't mean... that you killed him?" I asked trembling.

"Yes! But that doesn't matter now! We can protect you!"

They then trapped me within a triangle like formation, then with all of their tentacles they wrapped around me like a cocoon bringing me back to my room whilst talking to each other.

"Your safe with us, trust us please!"

I hope you guys enjoyed this!
Lukielu out!
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