I NEED YOU to survive

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Yandere ink x male reader
Narrator's pov
Who is that? That thought crossed your mind every time you saw that thing. Every once and awhile you'd see a rainbow blush across his face but before you could speak to it they would disappear into thin air. But at the moment this was in the past as it was trying to kill you. No matter where you ran to it would find you. After awhile your legs gave out making you fall onto the grass as it came closer. A few moments later it hit you across the head with it's large brush knocking you out.

Y/n's pov
I woke up in throbbing pain with most of it being in my head as I racked my mind for any memory that I could find before I felt eyes staring at me.Opening my eyes I heard a sigh of relief come from someone so I turned to see a skeleton that looked awfully familiar. "Oh thank the lords I thought I lost you! You've been out for days on end!" I was confused at this,what did he mean? "What happened?" I said rubbing my head to get rid of some pain. "You were hit by a car and knocked out cold." That statement felt like it was bullshit but I couldn't confirm it. Getting a look around the room I was in and the walls were painted brown,the floor was painted black,and the roof was painted a light blue. The room itself had a desk with a canvas and trash can near it was a few dozen crumpled up papers in it,there had a window that when looked through a white abyss showed. "Who are you?" I asked and they said. "Oh right my names ink sans the protector of the multiverse!" "Ok my names y/n." I responded to them. "Hey y/n would you like something to eat?" "Uh sure." And he walked out of the room as I was still confused on what I was doing here.

A memory flashed through my mind showing what happened earlier. Fear then began to rise as even more flashbacks kept appearing. (That son of a bitch-) I was pulled out of my thoughts when ink came back in with a plate of eggs and bacon. He gave it to me as I hesitantly ate it. I finished it and gave the plate back to him as he smiled walking out again to put the plate away. I looked at the window knowing that I need to use it to get out of here. Opening the window I began to climb out and soon enough I hit the ground? The white ground. Looking around seeing that everything was white but I couldn't get distracted- arms wrapped around my waist making me struggle until my body stopped moving. "Why did you try to leave y/n? Did you remember what happened?" I tried moving my body but my bones felt like jelly and I was brought into the same room I awoke in. "What's wrong y/n? Please tell me!" I then realized how fucked I am no matter what I say. "I want to go home-" he slammed his teeth onto my lips but the kiss lasted only seconds. "I can't let you go y/n... I need you to survive."

I hope you guys enjoyed this!
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