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Yandere parable! Ink x male reader
Narrator's pov

Y/n loved nature a lot. Usually when an animal was injured or hurt he would take them in for a bit to fix them up until their healed up and most of the time the animals would return to relax and hang out.

And eventually a certain bird like skeleton caught wind of the commotion and staged an act of him injuring one of his wings.

And it worked like a charm.

Once y/n took the bird in he was slightly confused at the size of the bird but still got to work, fixing the poor bird's wing in a few days, and allowing it to stay for a bit.

The bird never spoke as to not reveal its self to the human and once the bird left he would periodically visit, leaving little gifts for y/n.

Soon enough instincts came over the bird and swooped up y/n in the middle of night leaving no trace of it ever being there.

Y/n's pov

My eyes opened readjusting to the sudden light that blinded my eyes. Finally being able to see I looked around to find myself surrounded by a multitude of things. Some were my own items, some were my captors, and I was laying on top of blankets and pillows.

I noticed that I was still near the ground level only being a good 20 feet off the ground and being on a tree.

I heard wings flapping and something landed in where I was and it looked familiar, but why was it so tall? Then hit me that it was the animal that I fixed up recently.

"Hey! What did you do and why did you bring me here?" I asked expecting no response only to hear it coo and speak.

"I want to be mine." A deep voice purred.

"I've chosen you to be my mate. And I will love you till the end of my or your days."

I stared at them with fear and as they got behind my stunned form they wrapped their wings around me. They began to coo a tune making me fall back into their chest although I was beginning to snap out my daze.

They began to lick my neck before saying.

"My name is parable and yours is y/n."

This snapped me out of my daze but I couldn't do anything due to the massive wings they had still around the both of us.

Parable nuzzled their face into my neck making their warm breath covering my neck.

"Mine. Mine. Mine." Parable muttered into my neck before biting down making me cry out in pain.

Parable then licked up the blood before cooing again making me sleepy again. Before I could stop myself from falling asleep he wrapped a blanket around me and before I did fall asleep he muttered.


I hope you guys enjoyed this!
Lukielu out!
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