A sweet gift~

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Yandere swapdream dream and nightmare x innocent male reader
Narrator's pov
A human so pure anytime they would look at someone it would melt their heart. So when these two laid eyes on their the human souls felt drawn to them. So soon enough they took the human for themselves telling them that "We're doing this to help you."

And due to the innocence of the human they believed that they were right.

Timeskip to a few years later and the human still believed and loved the two skeletons with all of his heart. But recently one of them became more cuddly and clingy while the other's grin widened.

Y/n's pov
I walked into the living room plopping down onto the couch as dream followed wrapping his arms around my waist stuffing his face into my neck. I sighed and leaned back into him making him chuckle a bit. I felt myself being pulled up and brought into dream's room.

Being placed onto the bed dream began to explain why he brought me into his room.

"I need your help with something."

He stated as a yellow hue appeared on his face and I looked at him with a confused look.

"I'm in heat. I need your help with this."

Still looking at him confused he chuckled, patting my head before purring.

"Ah~ your so pure, it makes me want to just pound into the bed."

He leaned himself towards my neck licking it making me release a weird noise.

Dream chuckled once more as I heard footsteps come closer and nightmare appeared in the door way. And as dream kept licking my neck nightmare stared with a wide grin. Dream then bit lightly down on my neck making me release another weird noise as he licked it.

Gliding his lips over mine he kissed and as shocked expression painted my face he slipped his tongue in leaving nothing unexplored. A few moments later he broke the kiss leaving a trail of saliva between me and him.

"Stars~ I can't wait to breed you~ Seeing you filled,having my young, and being mine~"

Dream purred as I looked at him with half-lidded eyes feeling an unknown feeling in my stomach arose. He tore off my clothes snapping me back into reality covering myself as he chuckled lightly.

"There's no need to hide from me darling~"

He took my arms and pinned them above my head and using his other arm he gripped onto my thighs.

His eyes changed to hearts as he made circles on my thighs before snapping away his clothes revealing a yellowish-orange stick leaking some form of liquid. He then with the hand holding my thigh, began to glide across my chest making shiver a bit before he found its way back down to my stick.

Going up and down making me release more weird noises as he spoke to nightmare.

"I know you want to be a part of this~"

Nightmare chuckled as he got up showing a tent within his pants before tugging them down revealing a bright blue stick also leaking fluids. I then felt a prod at my entrance as tendrils took dreams hand and replaced it with them.

"Now y/n why don't you open that pretty mouth of yours and let me in~" Nightmare said as I opened slightly as he shoved it in, making him throw his head back.

"W-wow your mouth feels so good y/n~" nightmare stuttered while dream began pushing his stick in making me scream in pain although it was muffled. Once dream was fully in he stopped letting me get used to his size even though it hit my prostate. While dream was doing this nightmare was slowly moving in and out of my mouth making him groan.

After a few minutes dream slightly pulled out and pushed back in roughly making a noise leave my throat which made them start to pound me into the ground. They were going at full force making what felt like a knot form in my stomach.

As they thrusted the knot kept getting tighter and tighter until it popped making a fiery feeling slowly go down but they didn't slow down. After a few minutes dreams thrusting became sloppy but still powerful as he yelled.

"Fuck! You feel so good! I don't think I'll last much longer. Im gonna-!"

I felt nightmare shove his full length down my throat as dream did the same making me feel another hot sensation go through my body.

Sitting in that same position for a few minutes before they pulled out but dream put something in my entrance and muttered.

"Just to 'huff' make sure that your 'huff' mine~"

I heard them speak but I was to tried to listen only hearing.

"Rest now y/n~ you'll want it."

I hope you guys enjoyed this!
Lukielu out!
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