The king's desire

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Yandere fallacy x male butler reader
Narrator's pov
Being immortal was never a good thing. A constant feeling of loneliness surged through the king as he never had someone to really care about.

But one day... something happened.

Taking a stroll around his castle for the millionth time he smelled a scent fly through the air. A scent that was intoxicating to him. Curious he followed it to try and find the source of the wonderful scent.

That wonderful scent belong to one of his butlers. He looked closer to see that it was y/n emitting the scent.

It didn't take long for him to start ridding the castle of the other butlers and most of time killing them by sucking more blood from them than he stated on the contract they signed. Of course some found out about what he was doing but they would suddenly 'disappear' before they could tell the poor human.

And with the riddance of the last butler left before y/n, the king made more personal requests for y/n. Like staying in his room for long periods of time or grabbing him a glass of something to drink. And when y/n fell asleep most of the time fallacy would be watching their chest rise and fall while basking himself in their scent.

And the one thing that he didn't know was that this lust, this need for him, was all because of a paper cut making a tiny bit of blood seep out of the humans finger.

Y/n's pov

My eyes opened as I got from bed ready to begin another day. Getting in and out the shower I got dressed in my uniform. I walked out of my quarters to see fallacy standing right outside.


He says as I follow him to his room. I cleared my throat as I began to only for him to spin around and grab me by my waist, using his free hand to shove two fingers in my mouth as he bit down on my neck making me silently cry in pain.

Hearing slight gulping sounds tears began to fall as he moaned? He finally released his teeth off my neck licking it to close the puncture before he stated.

"Your blood tastes so sweet~ It's so intoxicating~"

"Your highness I don't understand why your doing this." I said as it came out slurred before he shushed me saying.

"No need to be so formal, because now you belong to me~"

I for some reason have a lot of motivation to keep writing but I hope you guys enjoyed this one!
Lukielu out!
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