Farewell... old friends

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Yandere star sanses x male reader
You were sitting atop the peak of a mountain that was surrounded by grass a few feet below awaiting them.

Y/n's pov
I stood, letting my red scarf bellow in the wind as a memory flashed making me slightly sad. Hearing a whooshing sound I turned my head to see them. They were all covered in blood and dust making me disgusted. "Y/n~ have you finally realized how useless it is to run from us?" I heard ink say as I got off the peak. " *laugh* Well no." I said. "Oh come on y/n you know you can't run any longer. We know where your hiding spots are and how to get to them." I didn't flinch at this only thinking of a way out until a thought popped into my head. (If I use that maybe they won't find me) remembering a technique that a friend of mine from a different place taught me I placed two fingers onto my head and turned around holding out my other hand with only two fingers extended. "Goodbye old friends."  I said as a whoosh noise was heard before I disappeared into a new world.

Short oneshot but I hope you enjoyed this
Lukielu out

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