I can't kill love

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Yandere minusculetale killer x !Deaf male reader
Requested by SSD_dragneaa

Narrator's pov

A human walked unaware of the eyes that bored into the back of their head and as the human walked it came closer...

And closer...

And closer until it was right behind them.


They said only to gain no reaction. They spoke again louder than the last still getting no reaction. They moved their hands in front of the humans face finally getting a reaction with them Turing around with a confused look.

It spoke once more only for the human to raise a brow before pointing a finger at his ear with an embarrassed look.

At first the being kept trying to talk leaving the human to keep pointing at his ear before they flew away leaving the human confused.

But a few days later the being ran into the same human again this time around though they noticed scratch marks and bruises along the humans body and they could barely walk.

Just as the human was about to collapse they caught them and brought them back where it lived.

Killer's pov

I landed and placed the human down onto some leaves as a deep huff rang out making me turn around to see nightmare standing there with a confused and dumbfounded look.

"Killer, why did you bring a human into our territory?"

"I found them hurt and... I couldn't bring myself to see them die..."

I further explained letting him know the events of the last few days which somehow convinced him to let me keep the human.

Once the human fully woke up they looked around before linking their eyes with mine making me smile.

They looked confused before they grasped at their head and laid back down as a bunch of sharp breaths left their lips while I walked up to them with a friendly smile.

I didn't speak to them only petting his head making him sigh before light snores could be heard as my smile grew.

"I keep you safe, my human."

I hope guys enjoyed this! Sorry for this not coming out sooner.
Lukielu out!

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