My sweet little darling

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Yandere Fell x male reader
Narrator's pov
You had been living with fell and his brother for awhile now even when paps tried murdering you but that's beside the point. Fell's obsession had been growing since day 1 and since you had a different personality than every other monster in the underground that made his obsession skyrocket. So every time you would fall asleep he would kill more and more monsters that he thought would take you away from him including his own brother. When he began killing everyone he locked frisk inside the basement to keep them from resetting and telling everyone.

Y/n's pov
I woke up feeling cold so I got and put on my jacket only to realize that it was quiet... too quiet. Usually paps would be yelling for me and sans to wake up. (Wait when did I fall asleep?) I thought picking up my phone to missed calls from unknowns to toriel all dating to two days ago. (I've been asleep for two days!?) I looked through my messages seeing a voicemail from paps. ("Look human I hate you but sans has been killing monsters for your so called love and while you were asleep he injected a sleeping serum into you making you sleep for a long time and-" "Papyrus where are you?!" "Shit I have to go bye-") the voicemail ended suddenly as I stood scared and confused at what I just heard. I got out of my room and went downstairs to see bones and blood everywhere making me nearly throw up. Getting out of the house I saw even more blood and now dust coating the air. I began to walk as fear crept in but I paid no attention and kept moving. I got to the end of sowndin I saw sans with his hood up and a scarf next to him. A few seconds later he stepped on the scarf mushing it within the snow. "Your wrong brother y/n WILL love me and now no one will stop me- Oh? Hello darling~" He said as a look of fear coated my face as he walked towards me with a red blush on his face. "You have no idea how long I wanted to murder him!" I stood stunned at this while he just kept coming closer until he put his hand on my cheek caressing it as my eyes darted to his heart shaped eyes. "You have no idea how hard it was to resist taking you while you were asleep? But now that your awake seeing what I've done... I think it's time~" He grabbed my arm and teleported to different house as I looked around scared. He picked me up bridal style bringing me into what I assume was his room putting me on the bed before chaining me onto the bed post. "I've learned a lot from seeing other sanses do near exact same things for their lover so I want to you to be mine and even if you refuse I'll love you even more. But now I'm gonna fuck your until your unable to walk for a week!" He then snapped his fingers removing mine and his clothes before he thrusted roughly into me as I pained yell came from me. "Oh my god~ your so tight! I don't want to but I'll wait." He said slightly annoyed but still holding my thighs while looking deep into my eyes with lust and love. A few minutes later a jolt of pleasure rocked my body and in an instant sans began thrusting roughly as unwanted moans spilled from me. I tried holding back moans but couldn't and this only fueled sans's lust as he somehow got faster. He then bent down and bit down harshly on my neck and licked up most of blood that came out but let a little of it get on his cheek. "I hope your mmh~ cause I'm gonna fill you to the brim! Ah~ shit I can't hold it anymore! Mmh~" he said before slamming into me one last time releasing as I released as well. I felt violated from this,one of my closest friends down turns into a violent and obsessed lover. I closed my eyes trying to let sleep take over but sans unchained me bringing into the bath where I promptly passed from pure extrusion.

I hope you guys enjoyed this
Lukielu out!

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