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Yandere high school blueberry x male reader
Narrator's pov
Blood stained the floor as you were trying to crawl away from him. You took one last look at him and he was spinning the but of the knife on his finger and holding a head of one of your classmates. He noticed you looking so he gleefully walked over to you muttering to himself. You thought he was your friend, someone to lean your head onto if things got hard in life, but now he's staring into your eyes as blood stained his clothes before hitting you upside the head knocking you saving what horror he was going to do to you.

Y/n's pov
A faint beeping sound was all I heard when I waking up. (How? How am I alive?) I opened my eyes seeing friends and family alike. Before I could speak my mom hugged me tightly making me wince in pain but also smile. I tried to speak only for my dry throat to stop me so I motioned that I needed a drink. A few minutes later mom got me a cup of water before I chugged it down and began answering questions.

After a month or so I was able to leave the hospital and soon after move away to somewhere different. I enrolled into a new school kept what happened at my other school to myself so that no one bullies me. But as soon as I enrolled into the school I felt eyes on me every aching moment since then. I ignored it after a few days.

I woke up hearing the doorbell ring so I got up went downstairs and opened the door seeing a short skeleton in a sailor uniform with blue eyes. "Hi! I'm Samantha I just moved in next door!" A cheery and feminine voice rang presumably the skeletons. "Uh hi my name is y/n." I said extending a hand and she happily took it.

As time passed me and Samantha became good friends. But today you had a really bad gut feeling that told you not to meet her today but like all of your worries you ignored it.

(A few hours later)
"Hey Samantha." "Hey y/n!" She responded sitting down next to me under the tree. A few seconds later she leaned her head on my shoulder making me blush and internally scream. "Hey y/n." "Y-yeah," "I have something to tell you." "Ok what is it?" She chuckled before pulling her head off my shoulder and said. "I'm not Samantha. Do you remember?" She said as her voice went to a deep volume. "My real name is blueberry. Don't you remember." I began to back away in fear as memories came rushing back while he snapped his fingers putting his own signature clothes on. I finally got up and began running towards a nearby forest as blue only walking for me humming a tone holding a cleaver.

(SHIT,SHIT,SHIT) I thought running how did I fall for that!? After another few minutes I ran out of energy so I ran behind a tree to regain some energy. I heard some leaves and grass crunch behind me so I closed my eyes holding my breath. "Y/n~ why are you hiding from me? I only want play a little." I felt tears fall as he got closer to my hiding spot only to hear him walk back where he came. I left the spot and continued running until I ran into something cold. "Oh y/n~ why did you run from me?" He said wrapping his arms around me. Thoughts ran through my head as he held me tighter. "Are- are you going to kill me?" I stammered as he laughed. "No why would I kill the thing I hold so close to my heart~" "But- but then why did you-" "I killed the others because they were taking you away from me but now that I finally have you. Your all mine~" I struggled to break out of his hold until a dizzy feeling took over and when I opened my eyes once more I saw that I wasn't outside but inside his home. He then carried me up to his room where he put on the bed standing over me. "I've always wanted to do this since the day I meet you~" I was frozen in fear until a hand slithered up my clothed chest and held my cheek. "Oh y/n~ your so adorable~" He said in astonishment has a blush formed before he dived down licking my neck causing a moan to spill before I bit my lip. "Stop holding back y/n I know you want this~" He said licking my sweet spot as I held back more moans. He groaned in along with annoyance before he bit down hard on my sweet spot making yell in pain and pleasure. He laughed getting up letting the blood spill down my neck. "Now everyone will know your mine not like anyone would know your here." He then tore off my shirt once more gliding his cold hands across it before he tore off the rest of my clothes. "I hope your ready y/n~" He said grabbing my thighs and snapping his fingers making his clothes disappear and formed his member. He then aligned his member and slammed inside as a scream of pain came from me. He immediately stopped and helped me through the pain whispering sweet nothings in my ear. "Don't worry y/n once we begin you can scream as loud as you want~" He thrusted once as a loud moan spilled. He then started a fast and rough pace as loud moans echoed the room. My vision blurred as pleasure took over my body while he wrapped my legs around his body so that he can hit deeper. "Oh my god y/n~ I hope your ready to be mine! Mmh~" He released inside as I was catching my breath. My eyes began to close as blue snapped his fingers putting his clothes back on him saying. "Your mine~"

I am terribly sorry for the long wait but I hope you enjoyed this.
Lukielu out!
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