The ties between love and death

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Yan!Reaper x Yan!geno x male reader

Narrator's pov

The love between these two was deadly. Literally. Their love was something unchangeable. Until they stumbled upon a human. The way they talked, the way they did things for people they didn't even know not caring if they were in danger.

This set off a chain reaction of people dying so that they could see their lover.

But when they saw the human with another person they lost it. But they reacted differently.

When the human and the disgrace of one were at a restaurant they spiked both of their drinks making them a pass out and when the two did they were teleported away to place far away.

Y/n's pov

My eyes slowly opened as I looked around seeing my s/o tied to a chair next to me as I was also tied to chair.

S/o soon woke up and asked where we were as I told him I had no clue.

We soon heard a door open and close as two skeletons walked in.

One walked up to me grabbing my chin as the other went towards s/o.

"Y/n. Why did you do this to us?"

They said in unison as the one that was near s/o only got closer.

"We're going to show you why you shouldn't have done that. But don't worry it'll be quick."

The one gripping my chin said as the other put his hand on s/o making his body go limp. There was no signs of him breathing or his heart beating.

He was dead.

And as tears trickled at the corner of my eyes they both lifted me up and into a fancy room. I began to cry they tried shush me only for my sobs to fill the room.

They soon left the room, locking it behind them leaving me to cry. After an hour or so I stopped crying and they slid under the door a plate of food.

With no choice I ate and after awhile they came back in the room as I looked at a wall.

"Look, y/n we did what was best for you. It was only to keep you-"

"You didn't have to kill him!"

I yelled as tears welled again only to feel a prick at the back my neck making me numb and sleepy.

"You'll be just fine with us." We'll make sure no one touches you."

I hope you guys enjoyed this!
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