Castle's Pet (Bad Guys X Reader) by Emelin_Striker
Castle's Pet (Bad Guys X Reader)by Emelin Striker
[Highest Rank: #1 in "underverse"] (Girls only!) (Earlier updates are on my Quotev account!) WARNING: Profanity and Violence! You were a normal 17 years ol...
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Undertale: The Third Sibling by Musicalhorse01
Undertale: The Third Siblingby Calli the Skeleton
It was just a peaceful day in Snowdin. Everyone was just doing what they normally do in the underground. The Nicecream guy kept selling, monster kid was playing around...
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Let me run {Gaster!Sans x abused!reader} #Wattys2016 by SilentObserverWrites
Let me run {Gaster!Sans x abused! oof
It's been two years since the barrier was shattered... All was well until humanity's opinion and voices ruined it all. The war had begun. --------------- Although one gi...
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Bone of Contention (Underswap Papyrus X Reader) by TheIndianaCrew
Bone of Contention (Underswap Indiana
Humanity is divided over one thing, the monsters reappearance. Some believe they should stay aboveground and others think they should be sent back where they came from...
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(Sans x Reader) When Two Souls Meet by ZanaBSparrows
(Sans x Reader) When Two Souls Meetby Zana B Sparrows
Sans has lived through countless timelines. He's seen the kid make friends with everyone, only to give up in the final moments. He's seen the kid killed, over and over a...
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The Lovers-Underfell Sans X Reader by StrayLuluCat
The Lovers-Underfell Sans X Readerby StrayLuluCat
This is where a little UnderFell Sans X Reader is going on. I have posted this on two other websites already. Cover by RandomColorNice from Deviantart. (Thanks for le...
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Undertale x Infant!Reader by raac24
Undertale x Infant!Readerby ~Raac~
Taking a journey through the Underground seems fun to experience and to Fight or Act through. But is it really fun when you're just an infant? Will you ever make it back...
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A Little Bonely (Sans X Reader) by UltimateUndertrash
A Little Bonely (Sans X Reader)by UltimateUndertrash
Monsters always fasinated you. Ever since Frisk broke the barrier and freed the monsters, humanity didnt take it too well but they are slowly getting used to it. Slowly...
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SansxReader ^Oneshots^ Requests open by _Kochii_
SansxReader ^Oneshots^ Requests Kochi
A bunch of reader oneshots with different AU's Sans. Feel free to give me suggestions. I would greatly appreciate it. There will be a chance of a few other oneshots. So...
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Are You Loyal? [Lust!Sans x Reader] by Fandomz_Fangirl
Are You Loyal? [Lust!Sans x Reader]by Evangeline Hisahoshi
Your boyfriend was just caught cheating on you. You got mad at him for buying a prostitute and fucking her, so he threw you out. To compensate with this loss of the guy...
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Sans x Reader oneshots 2nd book (with a lot less spelling mistakes) by SuperFanGirl1738
Sans x Reader oneshots 2nd book ( SuperFanGirl1738
Sans x reader oneshots This one will have less spelling and grammar mistakes (hopefully). Might have lemons, might not. Who knows.
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Sans X Reader by Sassybean11
Sans X Readerby The Sass Blaster
Two orphan girls fall down into the Underground. ...Just read the story.
  • adventure
  • romance
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Sans and reader oneshots by SuperFanGirl1738
Sans and reader oneshotsby SuperFanGirl1738
Just some oneshots that I write when I'm bored or if I want to. If you have an idea that you want me to make into a chapter then let me know by commenting or by writing...
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Undertale x Reader Oneshots by emotionally_distant
Undertale x Reader Oneshotsby emotionally_distant
The title says it all. I'll be doing requests, so ask away!
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Giant!AU!Sans x MythicalCreature!Reader Oneshots by TheNamelessChibi
Giant!AU!Sans x MythicalCreature! Chibi Gabriel
Basically the reader is either a Bitty, baby, young child, borrower, or Sans is super big. The reader is almost always some type of mythical creature, from different cul...
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Yandere! Mettaton X Reader by Lil_Tae_Cup
Yandere! Mettaton X Readerby Sad for a living
(top rate: #6 in Mettaton) "Oh my Darling~ I'm never going to let you go!!" An interactive story. I'm not the artist of the Mettaton on the cover, i couldn't...
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✔️Imperfect Two  (Swapfell sans x reader) Book 1 (EDITING) by Vinxxion
✔️Imperfect Two (Swapfell sans Sivrillania Kim
||» Imperfect two «|| ""FATED TO M E E T"" ""DESTINED TO L E A V E"" »»» No one knows my story. No one has heard my story. And no...
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The Comedians Mask -Undertale by Dyell_Does_Writing
The Comedians Mask -Undertaleby Dyell
Sans is a comedian, telling puns and playing pranks is part of who he is. Or is it? Resets, his parents deaths, and bringing up his brother alone has all taken its toll...
  • dark
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A Puppy's Love (PJ's Daycare x Small!Inu!Reader) by IsaGraceS
A Puppy's Love (PJ's Daycare x IsaGraceS
Your mother was always busy, working hard to keep a roof over your head. She worked day shifts so she was never able to take care of you, so she had to hire babysitters...
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Lights Like Stars (Sans x Reader) by SebbyBear
Lights Like Stars (Sans x Reader)by SebbyBear
It's been over a year since the Underground opened up and the monsters living under the earth swarmed to the surface in their thousands. The human and monster governmen...
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