I'm Not Sharing! (Fresh!Sans X Reader X Unfresh!Sans) by QueenOfNekoWriters
I'm Not Sharing! (Fresh!Sans X DaydreamingNeko
Skeleton brothers Fresh and Unfresh have never gotten along. Especially when it comes to sharing things. So, when both of them meet (y/n) and fall for her... Things get...
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Our Journey Together- Sansby Fanfic by BlueDimond5
Our Journey Together- Sansby Fanficby Blue
The barrier is down. Grillby starts a new bar up at the surface, but what happens after a certain skeleton comes by to apply for a job at the bar? How does their relatio...
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Fuck away the pain (Underfell Sans x Reader) by KittyBleh
Fuck away the pain (Underfell 🌧
Based off the song:- (By Divide the Day) Papyrus had just left you in the worst way possible. You had it coming, it was quite obvious that he was going to do it eventua...
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That's A Dragon? (UnderSwap Sans x Dragon! Reader) by crystal_the_pixie
That's A Dragon? (UnderSwap Sans Da Dragon Mum
(OMG the first book that isn't an AU sans x reader!) It's said that all Monsters where trapped in the Underground but what if Dragons were still up on the surface. Than...
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AU Undertale One-Shots 2 by DJWinterWolf
AU Undertale One-Shots 2by DJWinterWolf
Part 2 of AU Undertale One-Shots. I wright fluffy hurt/comfort oneshots. I do take request if I am able to do them. No lemons but there will be romace and small makeout...
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Mad Time: Abused Dusttale sans m!reader x RWBY Harem by ClockworkWolf8
Mad Time: Abused Dusttale sans m! Clarke
Disclaimer: I do not own Rwby by Rooster teeth, Undertale by Tony Fox, or any of the images, videos, songs or references that are put on this story. Adopted but not care...
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Giant!AU!Sans x MythicalCreature!Reader Oneshots by TheNamelessChibi
Giant!AU!Sans x MythicalCreature! TheNamelessChibi
Basically the reader is either a Bitty, baby, young child, borrower, or Sans is super big. The reader is almost always some type of mythical creature, from different cul...
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Broken Path [] Error by TheoEvelyn
Broken Path [] Errorby Twinkle
"Just because your path are right, Doesn't mean that my path are wrong. You just haven't see it from my way." - E If... The world can reset back. We all hope t...
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(Any AU) UnderTale X Reader Oneshots! by 11VeryAngryBees
(Any AU) UnderTale X Reader Cthulhu is daddy.
You want some fuck/fluff? You get it. Not the fuck/fluff you're looking for? Request it! :D Rules of requesting: Only X Reader (so no ships, or OC's, sorry!) No fetishes...
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Undertale au sins by Faythsmithson123
Undertale au sinsby Fayth da creator
(How on earth did I get here?) ahem! Anyways, as it says in the title, this is where I will be putting pictures of sins! :D!!! And Holy shit this got popular....what's w...
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Interesting (AfterDeath) by bluetechlunatic34
Interesting (AfterDeath)by bluetechlunatic34
Geno works as a security guard for a prison. He's a cop. He works in a prison full to the brim with horny prisoners, murderers, and delinquents. He spends his working...
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Sans and reader oneshots by SuperFanGirl1738
Sans and reader oneshotsby SuperFanGirl1738
Just some oneshots that I write when I'm bored or if I want to. If you have an idea that you want me to make into a chapter then let me know by commenting or by writing...
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Undertale AU Lemons {ON HOLD Aylin, The Many Faced Writer
You know me for the other lemon book, well, here comes a lemon book dedicated to Undertale and all of its amazing AU's. Forgot to mention, Requests are welcome. I'll wri...
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Undertale Boiz Oneshots by Fandomz_Fangirl
Undertale Boiz Oneshotsby Evangeline Hisahoshi
Yes , a sequel. I can't just leave everybody hanging when my oneshots were actually getting a fairly awesome amount of reads! Plus, I have even MORE ideas! I can't wait...
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Cryophobia - (Sans x Reader) by trainerblueoak
Cryophobia - (Sans x Reader)by green
Next person to comment on this monstrosity gets fucking vored!! × ❝You made your choice a long time ago.❞
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+[I Thought I Knew You... ]+ { multiverse sanses x reader } by Deltanation_X_Anne
+[I Thought I Knew You... ]+ { ∞ᴍᴇʟᴀɴᴄʜᴏʟʏ∞
New Description: . . . . . What Happened to the AUs? What happened to the resets? . . . What's wrong with the Mercy buttons? Why isn't anyone dying? Why isn't anyone com...
  • mercy
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Sprośne i słodkie cosie~ [Czyli komiksy, obrazki i inne ^^] by FokriLove
Sprośne i słodkie cosie~ [Czyli ⭐Kicia Loyal⭐
Zboczone komiksy, obrazki, itd. Ale też normalne i słodziaśne?
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Undertale Comics 1 by crazytitan25
Undertale Comics 1by crazytitan25
Just a bunch of comics about Undertale.I do not own this comics.
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Au Sans x Reader oneshots: The sequel by Starlightgirl5
Au Sans x Reader oneshots: The Starlight girl
Welcome shooting stars to the sequel of the AU Sans x Reader oneshot book. Requests are open so don't be afraid to request. Hope you enjoy!
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My Imaginary Friend (Dustberry - Dust x Blue) by AuthorAirur
My Imaginary Friend (Dustberry - Author Airur
After Blue and Papyrus visited their parents' grave, Blue starts to see a figure, seemingly staring at him, and going everywhere he goes. When Papyrus checks to see if t...
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