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Write A Note (Sans x Female!Reader) by OreoDaSkeleton
Write A Note (Sans x Female!Reader)by Mystery
It's only been a few years since monsters have been released from their underground prison. In some towns, monsters are welcomed with open arms. Others? Not so much. Y/N...
What makes a Monster by ADateWithTheDevil
What makes a Monsterby ADateWithTheDevil
Sans has secrets and he's pretty good at keeping them. But how long can his secrets stay hidden, now that his friends have questions they don't want to give up? *** Upd...
I'm Not Sharing! (Fresh!Sans X Reader X Unfresh!Sans) by QueenOfNekoWriters
I'm Not Sharing! (Fresh!Sans X DaydreamingNeko
Skeleton brothers Fresh and Unfresh have never gotten along. Especially when it comes to sharing things. So, when both of them meet (y/n) and fall for her... Things get...
Sans X Child Reader by Yusuka-chan
Sans X Child Readerby Yusuka-chan
[I have decided to do what I always wanted 😄😄]:some people put warnings for these so.....CHILD ABUSE IS DISCUSSED You were, thought to be mute and was horribly abused...
Nightmare's Love Attention  by PassiveNootNoot
Nightmare's Love Attention by PassiveNootNoot
Cover not by me and so as the characters. Random nightmare scenarios. The 1st chapters are all kiddies but as chapters move on, they get to be more uhhh let's say not f...
UT! Sans X Magical!Child!Reader - My Princess by Fury1416
UT! Sans X Magical!Child! Dragon Master
(Y/N) was always a shy child. She was slowly to trust others and was scared of almost anything. This made it hard for her to form bonds and keep those bonds intact. She...
Horror in Hell (Male Horror Sans Reader x Highschool dxd) by Obitoistor
Horror in Hell (Male Horror Sans Saul Vasquez
Hello so I'm new to this and this is my first time writing a book so if some spelling is wrong sorry about it . The Occult Research Club or ORC for short is a group of d...
The Time Before (Undertale) by ANinnyMouse42
The Time Before (Undertale)by ANinnyMouse42
~o0o~ Book 1 of the "Better Times" trilogy ~o0o~ (Book two: "A Name to Remember") (Book three: "No One is Happy with This") There was a tim...
мєgαℓσναηια by baku-hoe-for-life
мєgαℓσναηιαby bakuhoe57
"I was never this heartless, kid. Humanity just forced me to use my heart less." bnha x sans!male reader x undertale *used pictures and gifs are not mine. Cred...
AU Sans x Reader Oneshots {Ongoing!} by MorningSweets
AU Sans x Reader Oneshots { {sweets}
**PLEASE NOTE** -Cover art does not belong to me, I will only take credit for the stories, I do not take credit for characters. -I will not do any lemons -This is my fi...
I am not cute (UF! Bitty Sans x reader) by crazywildernes
I am not cute (UF! Bitty Sans x Crazy Wild
This will be my first book so please no hate. I am trying to make the book for both genders so if I wrote something for a specific gender please tell me. If you dont lik...
You and your Bitty Pals by Blueprint15778
You and your Bitty Palsby Blueprint15778
It has been 5 years since monster broke free from the barrier, since then monsters, and humans live together in peace. But for some reason monsters have some how go a mi...
Becoming Fresh sans by AmeliaForEli
Becoming Fresh sansby LazyAmeliaforEli
What if someone in our world becomes fresh sans? --- Story Status: [✴️Ongoing] |⚪Unedited⚫| 。☆✼★━━━━━━━━━━━━★✼☆。 Impressive Ranking: #128 out of 47.9k - Undertale | ⊙.☉ ...
Vacation [Fgod Error] by Dont-Mind_Meh
Vacation [Fgod Error]by MEHHH
Error is tired.. Tired of all the Fighting and Destroying... He jumped... but not to die... to get a break from it all. (Fgod concept belongs to harrish6, I do not own u...
Hero Time Trio (Bad Time Trio X BNHA) by ShadowChaser936
Hero Time Trio (Bad Time Trio X Shadow Chaser
Bad Time Trio meets BNHA Disclaimer: I do not own BNHA, Or Undertale, or any of the AU or any of the pictures showed
Robin Hood [SwapDream Dream x Reader] //ON HOLD// by honkhonk5
Robin Hood [SwapDream Dream x honk honk
She's a normal girl in a poor family, working to pay off a debt in day time. A hero and vigilante, helping out the poor and stealing from the rich,avenging the victims i...
Choose one (Error x Everyone) by SomeSpy
Choose one (Error x Everyone)by Spy
Something in the galaxy snapped. It made everyone change. Their attitude, their personality, and even their own likings. Error is the main dish for everyone.
Glitched Hero by fuck-you12345
Glitched Heroby fuck you
Error lands in the MCU close to Avengers. I don't think Error will like anyone there. Let's find out! Warning: Cursing
Void [Nightmare X Reader] by LotusdeCeniza
Void [Nightmare X Reader]by Cenitos
Y/N is the Guardian of nothingness. The shrub with flowers that she protects is home to all things that are considered to be nothing. When a walk in the woods allows her...
Bloody Desires; Horrortale!Sans X Reader by KingKaltac
Bloody Desires; Horrortale!Sans Mia & a random child
It's been a few months since the last neutral run and things have taken turns for the worst. No one is happy, Everyone is starving. An you are the perfect prey, falling...