Webbed pt.2

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Yandere minusculetale error x male reader
Requested by wirlwind02


Narrator's pov

You had tried everything, you tried running but he caught you the instant the door opened, you tried poison, he smelt it, you tried leaving whilst he was asleep, he held tight.

Safe to say you couldn't leave him but you were too determined to give up so tonight you would just try to escape at all costs.

Y/n's pov

It hurt when he pulled me into his chest again and just held me. I had to wait until he was asleep and his grip loosened just enough to allow me to slip out of grip.

'Ok, I just have to carefully make my way out without waking him up.'

I walked up to the door slowly and it opened it very slowly only for it to creak making me panic and rush out the door.

I ran...

I ran as fast as I could go feeling the rush of freedom. I stopped to grab my breath feeling as if I'm far enough away from him I sat down for a moment only to feel dread instantly wash over me.

"Where do you think your going? Y/n."

I didn't have time to think as I tried to get up and run only for him to wrap strings around one of my legs pulling me back to him.

He made me lay on my back as his face was near inches from mine.

"And I thought I could trust you."

The strings left my leg as he wrapped his points around my waist giving me a slight hope of me being able to try again but then the strings wrapped around my leg again and then...


The pain was slightest delayed giving me time to see the leg completely flipped the other way and as the pain set in making me scream while he nuzzled his face into my neck.

"You'll be such a good mate for me, will you?"

I hope you guys enjoyed this.
This book has been on the back burner of my mind because of the other books and school.
Lukielu out!

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