Hungry love

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Yandere horrorswap sans x male reader

Narrator's pov
Leaving the ruins a human walks out into a cold forest making them shiver before continuing their journey. Soon enough the human felt watched by eyes that never left the back of his head. When the human reached a small bridge a small skeleton was waiting there.

The skeleton greeted him with open arms, a nice change to the horror that he saw in the other area. The small skeleton showed the human around this new area telling them about the bear traps in the ground. The human fully took in the features of the skeleton. They had a hole in their skull has their eyes were red stars.

The human shrugged it off and continued following the skeleton. Coming up to a ragged house he went inside as the human did the same.


Y/n's pov

"Make yourself at home." They said as I looked around before noticing them with a hand extended. "My name is blueberry but you can call blue." He said with a smile has I took his hand responding. "The names y/n."

The place through reeked of copper. Sans then walked upstairs to go grab something as I stayed put. A few minutes later he came back down with something in his pocket and asked me a question.

"How did you end up in a hell hole like this human?"

"Running from abusive family and relatives."

He hummed before heading into the kitchen asking me if I wanted to eat something as i said yes. As I waited I saw a blood stained knife in blues hand making me slightly worried.

Once blue was done I sat down and began eating the taco he made. Halfway done eating it I heard a crack so taking a look at it there was a bone hidden within. Spitting out what I was eating blue chuckled.

"Human I want to play a little game with you."


"It's just a game of hide and seek with a bit of tag in it, if you can stay hidden or run away for 10 minutes you win and leave this place."

Staring at him in shock before dashing out of the house and into the woods of this place trying to find a place to hide.

Hiding behind a tree trying to regain my breath hoping he doesn't find me. Getting up I began running once more only to step on a bear trap. Screaming in immense pain I called for help and out came blue with a shit-eating grin.

"I told you to be careful of those things but I guess you didn't listen." He unwinded the trap and picked me out of it placing me on the ground. He then began wrapping a bandage around the wound before saying "This wasn't how the game was supposed to go but I'm happy your mine anyway."

What did he mean by mine? I tried moving only for him to hold me down making me scream in pain.

"My human"

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