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Yandere swapdream dream x male reader
I don't know weather he has a red eye or orange so I'm going with orange please don't be mad.
Narrator's pov
Work, work, and more work that's all you've been doing for the last 24 hours for your job that recently fired a few employees which in turn giving you their work with no extra pay. And to make matters worse they expect it done at the same deadline so you've been chugging energy drinks and sweets to keep yourself awake.

Y/n's pov
I kept telling myself one more paper to keep myself working and not to fall asleep. Taking a sip of my drink I kept my eyes on the pages until a sudden wave of warmth hit me making my eyes droop a bit making force them open. I kept working avoiding the warm feeling until it got stronger forcing my eyes to close and in a few minutes I was out like a light.

I moved into a more comfy position in my bed-Wait bed? I bolted up looking around seeing my room confusing me as I remember falling asleep on my desk. I got up and head over to my desk to clean up the mess from before. (Ok what in the world is going on?) I thought as I went into the room seeing a clean desk with my papers from before in neat stack and a note? I picked it up and began reading it. "You'll be mine soon~" becoming confused once more I trashed the note and began getting ready for work when my phone rang and the number was my work so I begrudgingly answered it. "Hello is this y/n?" "Yes this is him. What is it?" "You can have a week off by request." "What do you mean? I never put in a request for a week off?" "Well something came in with wings saying to give you a break." "Ok" "alright have a good day y/n." "You to bye." I hung up the phone putting it on my night stand before a loud crash came from the living so walked over seeing wings? It turned around as I took in what he fully looked like. It had pure yellow wings that towered over most things with a golden crown that floated above his head like a halo, an orange cloak with light blue stripes and his eye lights being one orange while the other was non-existent with a pure yellow back drop. "Hello darling~" He said with a loving voice but also a bit of lust. "H-hi who are you?" I said very confused at this on wtf as been going on today. "Call me dream my dear~" He purred disappearing and reappearing in front of me making me jump a bit as he chuckled. He then wrapped his wings around us as he suddenly kissed me making me fight back a bit. I broke out of his kiss and dashed out of the house questioning myself still. I dashed behind a few bushes to catch my breath and to calm down a bit. "Come out, come out wherever you y/n you can't hide forever~" I heard him say as I held my breath until I heard wings flapping before the sound disappeared. (Am I safe?) I thought getting up. I began walking about only to hear the sound of flapping and a few seconds I was someone's hold. "Found you~" struggling I tried breaking out of his tight hold but somehow I couldn't. "I think you need to punished for trying to leave." He declared flying back to my house. Getting back he headed straight to my room placing me onto my bed which he then tied my hands above my head. Without saying a word he began biting harshly on my neck leaving bruises. Using his hands he tore off my shirt and the rest of my clothes leaving me exposed. "Your so pretty y/n~" He purred as he took off his clothes revealing his member before aligning it and thrusting inside making him moan a bit while a scream of pain came from me. He then stopped and waited for the pain to recede while roaming his hands across my thighs. After awhile he thrusted once more as I screamed in not pain but pleasure which let him know that he was ok to continue thrusting. After awhile of me moaning and him groaning he held onto my thighs before thrusting deeply inside releasing as one last loud moan came out as I released as well. He snapped his fingers putting me in new clothes as he put on his clothes saying. "Rest now my love~ we have more to do tomorrow~" as I passed out.

I hope you guys enjoyed this
I am in Tennessee at the moment but I will try and update you guys at anytime I can! Lukielu out!
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