Crashed through

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Yandere fatalerror x male reader
Narrator's pov
How often did this happen? Y/n's computer kept on blue-screening throughout the day and it usually happened when the human was doing important stuff.

And it didn't help when it took at times hours before it fully reboots.

All while a glitching skeleton basked in seeing them frustrated at their own computer. But the way the human at points just didn't react and just sigh, just made him feel different.

Y/n's pov

As my computer blue screened for the 20th time, literally it has crashed 20 times today. So I decided to just go grab a new computer. As I put my computer into the pawn shop a feeling of dread washed over me. And as I walked into Best Buy I grabbed a new computer, checked it out, left, and went home unboxing it and began setting it up.

Once I fully set it up weird text showed up. It was too hard to read and before I could even close it, string like rope latched around me before I was pulled into the screen.

'Wait a minute this feels way too familiar... Oh shit not again!'

My eyes opened as I felt the soft bed under me. But when I tried moving those same strings constricted me to the bed as I heard what sounded like mashed together coming closer to the room.

"Well it looks like you woke up sooner than I thought but that doesn't matter."

A skeleton walked with red and blue blocks going around his form as he walked closer.

"I don't know why, but you y/n have always been so memorizing to me. I can't let you be with anyone else."

He said as I looked at them with fear in my eyes as he lifted a hand up.

"I don't think you need to see anything else."

'Connection terminated'

What the fuck?! How in the.
Lukielu out
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