Under control

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Yandere leviathantale x male reader
Narrator's pov

Dream,nightmare, and the others were lounging around when two voices from the surface broke the silence.

This confused them as they were miles away from any beach or piece of land. They looked up seeing a boat and two people standing near the back of the boat.

"Do you remember why were here?"

"Yes, we are trying to clean up the trash from the ocean. But I still don't understand why it's just the two of us?"

The second voice sounded so heavenly to them putting them all into a trance only to be snapped back into reality when they heard the splashing of water sending them all to hide.

The humans came down and went in two different directions the sharks followed one human while the others followed the other human.

The two humans were trying to be as cautious as they could to make sure they didn't hurt or damage anything.

The human the sharks were watching turned around and spotted them. The sharks expected them to scream in fear but they waved at them with a smile.

After a few minutes that human was radioed to return to the boat. After the two met up and got back on the boat they talked a bit before leaving.

Dream and the others couldn't find out who was the one with the voice that was like an angels.

But they were determined to find out the next time those two showed up.

Y/n's pov (a few weeks later)

Me and f/n met up again and made plans to get back into the sea to grab more trash from the ocean floor.

We stacked up on supplies and set out with smiles and small talk being done. We got to a good stopping point we put on the scuba gear and jumped into the water and began to pick up trash.

A few minutes later I heard f/n scream so I dropped whatever I was doing and swam over to him to see the same sharks from the last time surrounding him.

"Y/n! Help me!"

I slowly swam over to him and waved at the sharks before explaining to f/n that they weren't dangerous but it took awhile before he calmed down.

I sat there for a moment before I heard someone clear their throat making me look up to see four different but large beings looking down at me and f/n.

"Uh, hello?"

The four beings faces lit up before I was grabbed by a colored tentacle while f/n was grabbed by a blue tentacle. Before I could blink we were in an opening that was somewhat familiar.

We were pushed to a rock before black tentacles pinned us to it as the one that had the yellow tail spoke to us.

"Hello humans~ we saw you two a few weeks ago and one of you had such a wonderful voice. So which ever one of you has that voice will stay here while the other well I think you know."

It's voice was a too calm for what they said and something bit the both of us on the back of our necks making us scream as they all looked at me before reverting their attention to f/n.

"Ink, you can eat that ones soul."

It's voice said before f/n was quickly snatched away. The tentacle that pinned me to the rock had loosened just enough to let me slip through and swim away.

But I didn't get very far when the sharks swam over to me and grabbed each of my limbs bringing me back to where the others were.

"Where do you think your going?"

I hope you guys enjoyed this!
Lukielu out!

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