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Yandere lv.20 cross x male reader
Narrator's pov

He had lost everything. First his brother, and now his dream. He had become cold and desperate. But when he took a stroll through an Au he saw someone. A human no doubt, but one that caught his attention.

They reminded him of dream so much.

It took everything in him not to just take them on the spot. He knew he had to devise a plan of some sort.

So he did... kinda.

His plan was to take them during the night but at the last minute he changed his mind wanting to meet his new lover before claiming them as his own.

Y/n's pov

I was watching a new show that I've been binge watching for the past few days when I heard a knock on my door. So I got up, went to the front door and opened it to see a skeleton that had light purple horns.

Taking a closer look they had one red eye and one white, a constant light purple stream of something going out of one their eyes, and a light purple aura.

We had a stare down before they spoke.

"Y/n I suppose?"

"Y-yes that's me."

"Can we have a little chat?"


I stuttered as they walked in taking a seat on the couch as I sat in a chair.

"I never thought I'd see you this close." They mumbled to themselves as I looked confused before they noticed me staring and they cleared their throat.

"Y/n dear, I've been wanting you for so long ever since I saw you. Every time I saw you it my soul flutter, so why don't you just make this easy on you and I and just be mine."

I looked stunned before I got up saying that I had to go do something but I was pinned to the wall.

"I'm being serious y/n I don't want to hurt you. But if you keep fighting I will."

I slipped out of his hold before a random hand extended in the kitchen so I grabbed it praying that it wasn't him.

Suddenly I was transported to a different place where a tar covered skeleton greeted me.

"Good you did see me. And I thought you were a goner." They said sarcastically before explaining what ever the hell that was.

"So you mean to tell me that due to one look at me he fell head over heels?"

"Pretty much"

"Jesus Christ"

I said leaning against the wall before I heard the sound of someone landing and I was quickly hidden.

"Where is he!" A strong voice yelled shaking the ground as the tar covered skeleton shrugged.

"I don't know what your talking about cross?"

So that's what his name is. Cross then walked closer to the tar covered skeleton and said.

"I know you've hidden them from me nightmare. Now where is he!?"

"Sorry still don't know."

Cross was getting more and more angry before he lunged at nightmare while he chuckled picking me back and soon enough were once again in a new place.

"Your on your own y/n I can't help anymore." He said before disappearing and I began running. But a few minutes later a hand grabbed my hand bringing me behind a tree.

"Y/n! Oh thank stars I found you!" That same voice stated making me look behind me to see cross.

"Wha-how did you-"

I was cut off by cross slamming his teeth onto my lips briefly before we appeared in a different place which I assumed was his place.

"I-I can finally make you mine!"

He stuttered before diving towards my neck licking,sucking, and nibbling at it before biting down harshly onto a certain spot making a moan leave my lips and I covered my mouth with a hand.

"Don't try to hide from me, I want to hear you scream~"

He purred lapping up the blood that came out the bite and placed me onto his bed. His eyes changed to hearts before he tore off my clothes making him drool at the sight of my bare body.

"O-oh my stars~ you are gorgeous y/n~"

He purred before he put his head in between my legs. A look of dazed confusion came from me before I felt something prod and push into my entrance.

It was his tongue. He was eating me out like there was no tomorrow and his tongue was rubbing all that right places making me moan loudly over and over again as I began subconsciously going up and down on my member to increase the pleasure I was getting.

It didn't take long for me to feel like I was going to explode when he took out his tongue making me whine subconsciously.

"Don't worry my sweet y/n~ you'll feel so much better with this~"

He said as he took out his own member and it was massive. It had insane girth and it was maybe 14 inches long from what I could see. It was already leaking and he began proding it against my entrance.

When he pushed it in it hurt... a lot but not as bad if he did it without preparation. As I let out pained yells he didn't stop until his entire length was deep inside pushing against my prostate.

He let out a breathy moan and waited a bit for me to get used to his size. He shakily pulled out an s/c heart from my chest while his came of his chest as well. a few minutes later he began to pull leaving his tip he slammed back in making me moan loudly.

He lost it and started thrusting at god like speeds while the two hearts began to slam together making me moan loudly as I released onto my chest.

His trusts were already becoming sloppy but they were still strong and not too long later he slammed in one last time and released inside me consuming me in a warm feeling.

But his member was still hard as a rock and he lifted on my legs onto his shoulder before beginning to thrust again somehow going even faster before making me already near another release as our heart were still slamming against one another.

His name and some screams of pleasure left my mouth as he kept on going. And sure enough I released again before I passed out while he was still going.

10 rounds later and cross was still pounding into his poor lover. He released once again this time finally pulling out, drunk off his ass from the pleasure.

"Your going to be such a good father~"

I hope you guys enjoyed this!
Lukielu out!
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