Stung by fate

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Yandere wasp nightmare x male reader
Narrator's pov
You helped your father in his experiments that he did most of the time. But eventually his work consumed him both mentally and physically. His most recent "experiment" required a subject so he grabbed you using you and treating you as a subject. The experiment worked but it left you as a very small human and once he noticed your size he threw you into a giant field while you were asleep leaving you for dead.

Nightmare's pov
"Boss come here! We found something!" " "sigh" I swear to god if it's another dead bug I will-" I looked at it in surprise and confusion. "Killer what is this?" "To me it looks like a human." I stared at it for a few seconds before horror got close to it before I yelled at him to stay away from it. An hour later or so the human began to wake up so we all got up ready to question who they were.

Y/n's pov
"What happened?" I said opening my eyes to see multiple skeletons with fur covering them. "Who are you!" A voice demanded so a turned towards the person saying. "Uh I'm y/n and I'm a human." "How did you get here?" "I honestly don't remember- oh. Oh god damnit father." After I said that they looked at me in confusion so I told them what happened. "Huh so that's how you got here. Anyway my name is nightmare and they are killer and horror." "Ok"

It took awhile to get used to living here but at this point you were used to it. So you would walk around freely where you were. It didn't take long for nightmare to fall for you,was it your nice demeanor or personality? You would never know.

"Hey y/n can you come here." I heard nightmare call out so I got up and headed to him. Getting there he motioned for me to come closer to him. "Yeah what is it?" I asked as he got face to face with me. "I want you." He said bluntly with a smirk as I looked at him confused and a bit scared. "The silent treatment huh. What I mean is that I claim you as mine." A terrified look painted my face as I began running towards the field of grass. "So we're playing hide and seek huh. Well then let's begin!" I heard him yell as I kept running.

Nightmare's pov
Flying above the field I saw y/n and his futile running made me chuckle. "Oh y/n don't you know that running isn't gonna work." I said loudly hearing his footsteps slow down before hearing a thud so I looked down seeing him on ground crawling. I flew down laughing and picking him pulling him close as he punch my chest weakly before I knocked him out flying to somewhere safe.

Y/n's pov
I opened my eyes feeling something soft so I tried to move only to pulled tighter in someone's chest realizing that this wasn't a bed but nightmare. "Good morning darling~" I didn't speak so he just held me tighter sighing contently before he went back to sleep. I tried to escape his grasp only for my body to remind that yesterday happened so I passed out from exertion.

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