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Yandere Exemplum x male reader
Narrator's pov
Exemplum watched from afar seeing a human swim along the beach that he resided in. After a bit of help from a winged companion he knew when the human would visit the beach again. But when the human did return they came with friends.

Exemplum waited a bit before getting impatient grabbing everyone but the human from the ground and into the water drowning them. The human looked around in fear and confusion before strings wrapped around them making them pass out from shock.


Y/n's pov

Waking up I tried to stretch only to feel pain around my arms and legs, opening my eyes I saw blue strings? Wrapped around my body as I was pushed further into something. Turning my head I saw a skeleton and it's head was pushed into the crook of my neck.

It woke up and shoved his head deeper into my neck before speaking. "Good morning y/n I hope you slept well." "Where am I?!"

"Well your underwater that's for sure."

As I looked at him stunned he pulled me closer while two questions went through my mind.

(How am I breathing and why did they take me?)

I sat there in their hold for what felt like years before they released me from it. "Now I'm going to go get some food, stay here" and with that they zoomed off.

(Jesus their fast!) I thought before trying to leave the cave. Going to the side of the cave I saw them come back and swim into the cave. Hearing an angry screech I hid as they swam at light speeds to most likely find me.

I swam a bit before I heard rustling behind me but before I could do anything or see it the thing ran away. Turning around to make sure it was gone and sure enough it was, turning back around I saw them.

"Why did you leave me?

Stunned into silence their strings wrapped around me tightly making me scream in pain.

"I asked why did YOU LEAVE ME!"

Gagging on my own blood trying to spit out any words before they spoke one last time as my vision began to blur.

"My name is Exemplum honey."

He dashed back to the cave practically tying me to them. They shoved their head back into my neck before quickly falling asleep as I did the same hoping and praying that today was just a bad dream.

I was painfully wrong

I hope you guys enjoyed this
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