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Yandere dream x male reader
Narrator's pov
If only I didn't say no. You thought as you were running from your obsessed lover.

Y/n's pov (A few hours earlier)
I woke up to the sound of birds and to a phone call from dream confusing me but I picked up the phone anyway. "Hello this is y/n speaking." "Good morning y/n how are you?" "I'm doing good." "Good! Say do you want meet up somewhere later today?" "Uh sure why not." "Great meet me at the tree near the park see ya then." Before I could say goodbye he hung up. (Well that's weird usually he's still asleep?) I thought getting up and began getting ready.


I got to the tree only to feel something that I've never felt before. Dread. But I didn't want dream to know so I ignored it. A few minutes later I heard footsteps and out came dream himself. "Hey y/n!" He said cheerfully. "Hey dream." I said as he sat down beside me. "Hey dream." "Yeah y/n?" "Why did you ask me to come to this tree?" I asked looking at seeing his face light up with a yellow hue. "W-well I wanted to say that I love you and wish to be with you forever." I was shocked but I regained myself and said. "I don't think I'm ready to be in a relationship at the moment." When I finished I saw dream's lifeless eyes before his eye-lights came back to normal. "That's ok we can still be friends!" He said unusually cheerful getting and left quickly and when I look to where we walked away from he was gone. (That's weird) I thought and leaving back to my house.

Dream's pov
(He rejected me...Is it my fault? No it's everyone else's they tainted my darling. My love I will make you mine~) I thought as I evil smile grew on my face as I got out my bow and left.

Y/n's pov
It was about the middle of the day as I left to go get somethings that I should've gotten earlier.Walking around I ran into nightmare who just recently got turned back to his passive form. "Hey nightmare." "Hello y/n." He said shyly. Me and him had a conversation before a arrow flew by me and him making me turn around seeing dream with a devilish smile holding some other things. Me and nightmare ran out of the store only for nightmare getting shot with an arrow and he yelled at me to continue running so I did.

Nightmare's pov
I fell onto my knees as dream walked towards me grabbing my chin saying. "You tainted my love brother." As another arrow went through my chest killing me.

Y/n's pov
I ran.I ran as fast I could until an arrow went into my arm making me scream in pain falling onto the grass. As I screamed something came closer lightly chuckling. "Oh my y/n why'd you run from me?" "Y-you piece of shi-" I was cut off by him slamming his teeth on my lips as I tried painfully to break it to no avail. A few moments later he pushed his tongue in making me gag.He finally broke the kiss noticing his arrow in my arm. "I'm sorry I forgot about that!" He said using magic to heal and remove the arrow from my arm and I passed out.

(Where am I?) I woke up feeling something heavy on my chest and some light snores so I looked down to see dream.Then the memories.They reminded me of why I was here. In what I assume was his castle. I tried moving but something held me down so I stopped and soon enough he woke up. " (yawn) Good morning y/n." "G-good morning dream." I said in slight fear as his eyes lit up and the same yellow hue appeared. In a blink of an eye he was on top of me making me become flustered and him saying. "Oh y/n you have no idea how long I waited for this~ I've dreamt about this, pleasing you,making you beg for me,making you love me, I've waited months no years to do this and now you can't reject me because soon enough you won't be able to~" as he voice changed from the usual to a deep husky voice as I blushed madly. "Oh and don't even think about not loving me, I will make you love me!" He said showing a new form that oddly resembled nightmare's corrupted form before turning back to his normal state. Dream then took off my shirt and shorts leaving me in my underwear. Dream then bent down and began licking my neck occasionally biting it until he found my sweet spot and he bit down hard making me scream in pain and pleasure. "Now everyone will know your mine~"  he then licked up the blood that came out of the wound as he slowly took off his clothes as I was still in slight pain. I was snapped out of my pain when I saw his member making me squirm and try to get out his hold only for him to quickly grab my waist in frustration. "You can't leave me nor can you stop me making you mine~" with a snap of his fingers my boxers were off fully revealing my body to him. "Oh my~ your so beautiful~ now let's begin~" he said slowly thrusting into me as tears of pain came from me and when dream noticed he whispered sweet nothings in my ear and also was light kissing my chest. A few minutes later he got tired of waiting and began thrusting roughly into as moans spilled from me letting him know that he was ok to keep going. Somehow his thrusts got faster and harder making me release as he kept going. Not long after he released but he just kept going making my moans get louder then they already were. "Shit I can't keep going! Ah~" he released one last time before his member seemingly disappeared and he fell onto the bed and said as I was passing out. "I love you y/n and now your mine~"

I hope you guys enjoy this!
Lukielu out!

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