A childhood nightmare

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Yandere child ink x child male reader
Narrator's pov
Both ink and y/n have known each other since they were born so of course one them would be dazed in love. But nobody expected the way he would do it.

It all started one day when the two were in the classroom right around the beginning of recess. As y/n was about to go outside a kid asked them with a red hue across their face.

"I-I um really like you!"

Y/n didn't understand what they meant so he dismissed from the conversation leaving the person a bit embarrassed and a new found feeling skeleton.

All the skeleton could feel was rage. Rage at the human that said they liked his y/n.

Y/n's pov

I walked outside for recess only to hear a yell come from back inside the classroom and out curiosity I went back in to see what happened. Once I got inside I saw ink standing over a classmate, both of them being covered in a red liquid.

In fear myself I screamed and ink turned his head towards me.

"Don't worry y/n! He was in our way of our love!"

He said before getting behind me and I blacked out.

"It has been nearly a decade since the disappearance of y/n and the murder of k/n. Officials are still trying solve this mystery so stay tuned for more information-"

The tv was turned off by ink as he headed up to his room to see his lover already asleep. He sighed before joining them in bed, wrapping his arms around him as he drifted off into sleep dreaming.

I hope you guys enjoyed this!
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