The king's desire Pt.2

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Yandere king fallacy x male butler reader
Requested by Sakera_Khohirou

Narrator's pov

As the days passed, the more and more his obsession grew for the now ex-butler turned lover. From the tasty blood to the wonderful scent made him all the more love struck.

But nothing seemed to cheer up the poor human. So he decided that he would find a way to cheer up his soon to be husband...

Oh you poor soul~

Y/n's pov

I stepped into the shower letting the hot water hit me letting me forget the pain of the last of few weeks for a moment. But a moment later I heard the door open and close feeling eyes darting to my body.

I turned around to see a naked fallacy with a large blush already on his face. Seeing him a light red flushed my face as he stepped inside the shower with a devious grin.

He put his head into my neck grazing his fangs across it making me whimper in fear. A hand groped my ass making me gasp allowing him to kiss my lips as his tongue invaded.

He turned me around so that he could push his tongue farther in as his hand continued groping my ass. He turned off the water bringing the both of us into the bedroom, placing me down onto it.

He looked down at my glistening body with lust evident in his eyes before fangs quickly found themselves into my neck as small gulping sounds could be heard.

I silently screamed as he gulped down a lot of my blood.

He retracted his fangs from my neck licking up the excess blood and closing the wound and his deep and seductive voice purred.

"Your blood is something I could feast on for years~ but why don't we move onto something more appetizing~"

I blinked still recovering from the last attack when I noticed that he was lying on the bed as I was sitting on top of his legs, his member standing proud in front of mine.

His wings wrapped around us as his hands guided my body down onto his member making me cry out in pain as he sighed shakily.

He didn't stop lowering me until his member was fully sheathed into me making a bulge show within my stomach. He gave me a minute or two before he lifted me and slammed me back down making me see stars.

The pain was still there for a bit only for it to be replaced by brutal pleasure making me scream his name at every thrust. The pleasure overwhelmed me by the minute and I released onto the both of us.

He kept getting faster and faster making my vision go white before a warm feeling invaded my insides onto to feel myself being flipped over and his thrusts picked up again at a faster rate.

"I can't wait till your my husband~ 'groan' you'll be such a good husband~"

He groaned out before slamming in again as that same warm feeling grew stronger. He flopped onto my used body, drawing circles along my chest making me sleepy and said.

"My human, My husband."

I hope you guys enjoyed this!
Lukielu out!
Stay safe!

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