Star struck

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Yandere swapdream dream and nightmare x soulmate! Male reader
Narrator's pov
A human wakes upon some grass with a tree with gold and black apples not too far away from where the human was. Getting up the human racked their brain trying to remember how they got here.




Red and blue lights...



Then the human noticed what they were wearing. A yellow shirt with a red jacket and purplish-black pants with shoes being a mix of yellow and purple.

Y/n's pov

I began walking up to the tree as I noticed that I was wearing a golden crown. Taking it off a saw that there was a sun and moon engraved on it. I kept hold of it in my hand as I got closer to the tree two skeletons appeared.

On the left one of two skeletons were dressed in a red and yellow jacket with fur on the rim of it, black pants, yellow wings, a floating crown, orange and red eyes, yellow button-up, and a necklace with a sun pendant.

On the right the other one that wore a purple coat with blue and black stripes on the inside, black pants, a crown, purple and blue eyes, and a necklace with a moon pendant.

Looking back to the tree I lifted my free hand to try and get one of the apples only to see a red string on one of my fingers.

Confused I tried taking it off to no avail. I then took another look at the string seeing it go two separate ways. Looking at both skeletons again I saw them both with one hand raised showing that same red string.

Taking a step back I began to walk the other way only for the skeleton dressed in yellow and red to reappear in-front of me and hold me by my waist.  A few moments later the skeleton dressed in purple to kiss me which surprised me allowing him access to my mouth making me gag.

Once the kiss broke I felt sleepy and as I struggled they injected something into my neck and as I was falling deeper asleep they both said simultaneously.

"Don't worry love, we're right here. We'll save you."

I hope you guys enjoyed this
Lukielu out
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