Blue Night Fight {Completed}

Blue Night Fight {Completed}

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Her name is Samantha or Sam for short. She is just a normal girl to her fellow students at her high school. She was just Sam. 
But was she really?

She goes by the name blue night and her screaming fans roar and clap for her chanting "Blue Night Fight!" 

She's a fighter. A street fighter where it's nothing but vicious and sick. She is known as a legend there. Though people can't see her face she wares a mask with a black hood too. All of the people from school love to watch her fight having no clue who she really is. The girl who has one friend named Sarah and the girl who pays attention in class and normally doesn't say anything to any body. 

One visitor that watches her from the school is named Elliot Anderson. The bad boy. Cocky, asshole.

One thing that blue night doesn't know is that Elliot is also a street fighter named Randy viscous. He also wears a black mask. 

Let's see if they can become a tag team against the rival Street fighters who are well trained. Can they do it?