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  I felt the water rise to my eyes when I saw them in front of me. I wanted to believe them that they have changed. It was the longest they tried and it looked like it was going to be a while before the slip but they already have. My father had a new job and my mother was actually cleaning and making breakfast with a glowing face from more rest and happiness but they just threw it all away.

  I felt the anger boil inside me too as I looked at my father passed out on the couch. My mom is in the chair and sleeping in a sitting position and there was a 6 pack of beer almost empty.

  I walked over to the six pack and threw it across the room when I only saw one left. The can broke and splashed every where on the living room tan wall. That got my mom waking up in a flash.

  My angry tears were spilling out of my eyes. My mother sat up and gasped. She looked over at me and frowned. I knew she was going to say sorry and that they tried but I wasn't all mad at her. She didn't do anything really. My mother never got drunk but was always with my dad and taking care of his drunken self and when he had hangovers.

  I shook my head at her as the tears came more and more. I looked over at my father who was still passed out. A fire went off inside me. I was pissed, pissed at everything that was making me feel like this. I hate to be like this and expose my feelings. It wasn't me. It wasn't Blue Night.

  I stumped over to him and grabbed his arm roughly making him wake up. He gasped at me and looked around the living room. He realized he was now standing up in front of me and the can was splashed on the wall. He looked at me and blinked a couple of times and attempted to lay back down.

  He was still drunk and it just made me more pissed. I grabbed him by the shirt and brought him closer to me. I held up my  fist and I heard my mother's voice from behind me.

  "Samantha! Stop... Stop! Don't Sam!"

  I glared at him and stared into his wide shocked eyes. This piece of shit was my father. He was a great father when he didn't drown himself in a bottle of liquor so why the hell would he still do it. I knew he was still grieving but he needed to get over it and realize he has a daughter and a wife to take care of. It shouldn't be the other way around. I was the real parent here. I paid for everything. I do everything for them. Well, let them do it all on their own. I don't give a shit about them anymore!

  I let out a angry, long, deep breath and shoved my father back down on the couch and I heard the springs snap and the couch slide back on the wall.

  I heard my mother crying and freaking out as she knelt down to him on the now broken couch.

  I went upstairs, grabbed my bag and put my phone in my pocket. I ran down the stairs and passed my parents in the living room and left the house with a loud slam of the door with out a second glance behind to them.


  I walked down the street and stopped at the park. I sat down on the same green bench me and Elliot sat on Sunday with Faith.

  I sighed and pulled out my phone. I tapped Elliot's name and put it up to my ear. I know I should really call Sarah because she knows about my parents and I always sleep there when I don't want to be with my parents but right now I don't know what got into me but I wanted Elliot's comfort and support right now.

  I heard the phone ring two times before he picked up, "Hello?" He answered in a tired voice.

  He obviously just woke up and didn't look at the phone to see who it was. I regretted calling him a little because I woke him up for my own selfish reasons. I let another tear slide down before quickly wiping it away.

  "Elliot?" I asked. I wanted to sound normal but I knew you can tell I was crying from my voice.

  "Little fighter? Are you OK?"  he asked with worry in his voice.

  I sniffed and answered, "No, I'm really not."

  I heard movement and then he asked, "Where are you? I'm coming to you."

  "At the park, sitting on the bench." I responded.

  "I'll be there in five minutes, Okay?"

  I sighed, "I don't want you coming here and ruining your time to sleep. You have your fights tomorrow too." I say and he let's out a frustrating sigh.

  "Stephanie, I am coming there because I want to and you won't stop me." He said in a strict tone.

  I shuddered a little. He's never called me by my real name. Well, my fake real name. Ugh, I don't need this right now.

  "Okay." I reply.

  "Good, I'll see you in five minutes." He said and hung up.


  I sat on the bench and looked at the playground in front of me with a few tears falling once in a while. Elliot came like he said and I explained the whole thing about my parents to him and now we are sitting in silence. I know right now he is taking it all in.

  The whole time explaining it to him I managed to hold back any tears but now I silently let them come. My cover was blown when I accidentally sniffled.

  Elliot looked at my face and saw the tears and immediately engulfed me into his arms and pulled me into a hug.

  He rubbed my back as I let the tears come. I have never done this in a long time, let my feelings show in front of someone. I knew he wouldn't judge me with his own problems with his parents.

  His mouth was by my ear and I could feel his warm breath on my neck warming me up from the cold out here.

  "You are amazing and if your parents can't see that you are worth quitting it for you then they are stupid. Don't doubt yourself little fighter." He whispered in my ear.

  I nodded with my head still buried in his chest. My cold and wet cheek felt warm against his gray cotton jacket.

  I pulled away after a while of him rubbing my back and gave me a little squeeze sometimes.

  "Where are you going to stay tonight?" He asked. I didn't want to wake Sarah now and I didn't want to tell her really anyway right now.

  I shrugged, "I'll find a place somewhere." I responded.

  He sighed and grabbed my hand, "You can't do that little fighter. I won't let you be out here by yourself either."

   I nodded but didn't know what exactly he wanted me to do then. He looked at me for a while and it looked like he was in deep thought.

  "I can sneak you into my bedroom. My parents never come in there anyway. They barely even come up the stairs really."  He says still holding my cold hand and warming it up.

  I sighed, "I don't know, Elliot. I -"

  "Come on, I won't take no for an answer. Let's go back to my house." He said cutting me off.

  I couldn't argue with him so I am now laying on Elliot's bedroom floor with a bunch of blankets under me for padding and a couple pillows. Yeah, he offered his bed for me to sleep on while he slept on the floor but I denied. He gave up on arguing with me and layed out a perfect little bed for me by his bed on the floor.

  I heard Elliot snoring and I chuckled before turning over.

  I really needed to thank Elliot for everything tonight later. I noted this before I fell into a deep sleep.

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