I walked out to my music and the crowd chanting as usual but something was different. I searched the crowd and I knew what it was. For the first time since semi finals Elliot was not in the crowd.

I had no one to wink at and it felt so weird and a little empty like I don't have a supporter even though most of the crowd chanted Blue Night Fight!

The bell rang and I put my arms up and in position. Here we go again Sam.

We circled around the ring waiting for the first move from one another. At least the girl was trained.

I was back in the place where I was before when she pounced. She hit me with a right and then a quick left and I really felt the left because I was to shocked with the right to block it.

I backed up and stood there ready. I thought I was ready too but I obviously wasn't. I can't help but think of the image of him in the crowd but when I look I don't see him.

When I looked back she tried with hooking her arm at the back of my knew making me fall and she got on top of me punching me, but I tried my best to block them. She didn't even hit that hard. What the hell was I doing? I am not losing a fight to a girl who doesn't even know half the pain I've been through fighting men and she never has. I pushed her off and jumped onto my feet even though I still felt a little weird.

Then I heard the fans cheering me on and as my eyes trailed the audience my eyes met his. He had his arms crossed and he was looking at me like he was in deep thought.

He noticed my eyes on him and he winked at me and I winked back. There it is. My confidence for this match.

I turned to see the girl coming towards me and I hooked her with a hard right and she went down and then I got on top of her holding her in a hold and I watched her tap.

I released her and the crowd screamed and started my chant again. I grinned at the crowd as I felt a drip of sweat come from my forehead, but no one could see because I had my hood up and my eye mask on.

I wiped the sweat and walked back to my room locking the door behind me.

I got undressed and put on my black leggings and put my blue tank top over my my blue sports bra I fought in.

I zipped up the jacket this time and left my eye mask in my bag but I kept my hood up covering up half of my face with the shadow.

I walked out of the room with my bag and headed out of the arena. I walked towards my house and I saw a pair of headlights follow behind me slowly and I knew they were following me. Someone from the arena?

I sighed as I slowly got my mask from my bag and put it on with the hood still up. The person or people probably are wondering what I'm doing. I still walked slowly as I did this so they wouldn't get suspicious.

I stopped and I looking to my right to see the car stop and their headlights dead on my face. My mask was on and my hood was up so I was good. All they could see was my skin.

I was going to kill who ever was following me, but first I needed to know who it was.

I walked over to the front seats window and knocked. The window rolled down and all I saw was huge grin on the person's face.

I groaned and I noticed no one was with him.

"What do you want, Randy?" I asked Randy or Elliot.

He smiled, "Just driving home."

"More like following me to my home." I turned but I knew he heard me and he chuckled.

"You are very smart Blue Night and I really do wonder who you are?"

I just stared at him from the window with my arms crossed, staying silent.

"I know you like me though." He stares and I pretended to gag.

"Why is it that you think that?" I ask rolling my eyes.

"Because you missed me during your fight. No one to wink too, Blue Night or shall I say Samantha."

I glared at him and he just smirked.

"How about a deal?"

I stayed silent and listened to him and what deal he was proposing.

"I'll take that as a yes. So for every time you don't show up to practice or are late I get a hint of who you really are."

No way was I going to miss another day of practice or be late really I was always early so I nod my head thinking it's agreeable.

He grins at me, "Great now for yesterday, tell me a hint."

I sigh and I think of a good hint that won't give me away or lie because I play a fair game and he won't get another anyway.

"You know I go to your school." I say.

"I know you go to my school." He repeats waiting patiently.

"My best friend's name starts with an S."

He nods, "boy or girl?"

I shake my head, "One hint and that's the only hint you'll get."

He gives me a little frown and then smirks, "See you on Saturday at 7:00 and don't be late because then I'll get another hint."

I nod and I wait for him to pull off and wait another couple minutes until I start walking back home. Did I just make a deal with the devil? Oh, no.

Somehow this is not going to end well. I just know it.

I hope you liked this chapter. It's shorter than usual but the next chapter will be longer. I promise.

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