Chapter 42

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|Elliot's POV|

  I sat there in the waiting room as Sarah's parents went first and then Sarah and Ricky.

  By the time they came back out. Sarah was crying and holding onto Ricky who had one single tear on his cheek even though I knew my best friend was holding back in front of his girlfriend.

  I sat down and ignored the fact that Samantha's parents were next. From the corner of my eye I saw them glance at me before following the nurse to her room.

  I knew my sister landed an hour ago though and she said she was on her way with her husband and Faith. I told her that she was shot by a stranger in the street.

  "She was on the bad side of town" I told her just after they landed on the phone. I told everyone that. I couldn't tell them the truth for obvious reasons, but also for selfish reasons. If I did mention anything about who we really are, I some how feel responsible for what happened. I know what everyone one would say. They first wouldn't believe it and then they would be angry until they give me a sad smile and let me know that it wasn't my fault.

  "Elliot?!" I hear a frantic voice say.

  Before I could even get up my sister was running towards me and giving me a big hug. I hugged her tight and let all the tears I held back since the last time I pulled it together, fall. She just rubbed my back in a soothing way and I felt like I was a little boy again.

  I  sat down after a while as she and her husband and Faith sat down as well. Samantha's parents were in there for a while until they came out. Her mother looked like she had been balling and her father looked like he got slapped in the face and so ashamed. They didn't look my way as they left the hospital without a word.

  I felt my hand being squeezed, I looked over and smiled at my sister. "Go get her." She whispered and I nodded my head giving her a small smile.

  "Thank you."

  She smiled and and gave me one last quick hug before I stood up fully intending to see my little Fighter.

  "Excuse me, but I am here to see Samantha. Do you guys know her?"

  The second I stood up I was met with a guy who had very light brown hair and very bright blue eyes. He was the same height as me and he wore a curious look.

  "Ugh, yeah who are you?" I asked.

  He gave me a small smile, "Your her boyfriend I am guessing."

  I don't know why, but without a doubt I nodded my head, "Yes. And you are?"

  He chuckled, "I'm Landon. I don't know if you heard about me or not though, but judging by your look you did. Umm, I am just here to visit her. I don't know exactly what happened. I just got a call from Sarah saying she was in the hospital."

  "Yeah, she was shot." I said glaring at him. How dare he'd be all smiley and think he could just waltz in here after breaking her heart.

   His smile faded a d he stepped back a little, "What?" He whispered and looked down at the ground.

  "I thought it was something way more minor. She didn't sound that serious in the phone." He said talking to himself or the floor because that was currently where his eyes were.

  "Well, you going to see her or not? I want to see my girl so if you don't mind please get a move on it." I said glaring at him.

  "Elliot, come down." I heard my sister say behind me as she puts her hand on my back.

  Landon holds his hands up, "I am just here to see her for a few minutes."

  I sigh and try to bring down my anger before I do something to him that is very illegal in a hospital.

  "Just hurry up." I muttered and sat back down to wait another thirty fucking minutes.

  During this time sitting here as my little fighter's ex boyfriend who broke her heart went to see her. I was met with immediate paranoia. I couldn't control myself from thinking the worse.

  All I knew right now was that I wanted to see her. I just wanted to see her after waiting hours in this smelly hospital.

  I didn't really think about what exactly I was going to say to her. My mind was mainly focused on her health and wondering of she was okay.

  My sister held her daughter in her arms as she slightly snored. Every now and then her husband would bend down to kiss both their foreheads. They were a happy family.
  I don't know why,but my mind immediately went to Samantha, me, and a little girl or boy sleeping! No! I not even her boyfriend.

  I groaned and frustration pulled at my hair that was all over the place by now. I just want to see her and my patience is growing short every minute that this Landon guy with with her and I am not.

  I bet he is probably holding her and comforting her. Next thing you know they're making out on the hospital while I am out here waiting to see if she is okay and to confess my inspiring love for her. No, that's not what ks happening because am the hero of this story. I am prince charming and she is my Cinderella.

  Wow, I got to stop listening to Faith's story telling. Hours of waiting in this waiting room and thinking about the worst or listen to the six year old tell the story of Cinderella in her own way. Well, you know what I choose.

  I sighed and sat back down after packing again. I was getting tired now. I don't know what time is, but it must be late because I can tell the sun will be up soon.

  I yawned and leaned back into the uncomfortable chair just as Landon walked out the double doors. I jumped out of my seat almost waking up Faith.

  I didn't like his expression. I big old grin on his face as though he accomplished something. No, he doesn't accomplish anything when it comes to Samantha!

  "Hey!" I got his attention.

  It only took strides to get to him as I glared. He furrowed his eyebrows at me as of the was confused.

   "Don't give me that damn look, did you put your dirty fucking hands on her? Did you fucking think I wouldn't catch that smug ass look your face? I beat the living shit out of people for a living and that is exactly what I will do to you!" I was furious.

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